We Opened a Shop in Oxford! It's Filled with Positive Pants and Sustainable Gifts.

Designing our girls' bralettes

Girls bralettes designs

Designed by girls, for girls!

The idea for our teen bralette range was inspired by two 10-year-old girls.

Sisters Phoebe and Flora (now age 11 1/2) got in touch with us about their frustration at the lack of neutral, stylish bras for girls. They found that there was a very limited choice for girls who wanted more than a crop top, but weren’t quite ready to embrace padded, structured options. All the available styles were simply “too young” or “too old”!

So the idea was born to create a range of bralettes designed specifically for girls and teenagers, which we hope is “just right”...

Some extra research

The next stage for us was some market research - we had to see for ourselves what was out there! So we spent a rainy afternoon on the high street in Oxford, tape measure and clipboard in hand!

We looked carefully at sizings, styles and costs, and emerged with lots of ideas and inspiration. It was clear to us that there was indeed a gap in the market for discreet and stylish bras for girls.

Girls bralettes patterns

Creating our designs

The next stage was to translate the initial ideas given to us by Phoebe and Flora into something that we could send to our manufacturer.

After deciding to develop a customised versions of our popular adult bralettes, we then focused on the patterns. We were aiming for something that was simple and subtle, and chose a range of white dots, stars, clouds and flowers paired with pretty colours.

We've also got a range of six plain colours, from light sky blue to almond (light nude) shades.

Sampling and testing

The most exciting part! Our samples arrived from our manufacturer and we sent them out to girls to try out. We gathered as much feedback as possible from our enthusiastic group of testers*.

As a direct result of this input from girls themselves, we made some adjustments to the cup shape and straps, alongside other minor improvements, before placing a final order.

Our teenage bralettes are modelled very closely on our bestselling adult women’s bralettes. They're designed to be comfy, stylish, adjustable and discreet under clothing, and they come in a range of pretty colours and designs that are both fun and sophisticated.

A first bra that might just become a lifelong favourite!

And what's more, they come with all the ethical and sustainable credentials of our adult range!

For every bralette sold, we’ll donate TWO pairs of underwear to the charity Smalls for All, which supports vulnerable women and children who don’t have access to underwear.

Make a difference to another girl’s life with nothing but Your Own Underwear!

Girls bralettes sizing options

A note on sizing...

tape measure

We have chosen to use names for the different sizes of our girls’ bralettes to avoid some of the unnecessary stigma and pressure associated with age-based sizing. We feel that there isn’t a set size for bodies at different ages, and we don’t want to put any additional pressure on young girls!

So this is why we chose to name our four size options after Ugandan villages, the country that inspired our original business concept!

Introducing Jinja, Kira, Lira and Masaka - our four sizes for girls!

For more details and guidance on how to work our your size, visit our sizing help page using the link below:

And a huge THANK YOU to our amazing team of testers:

Phoebe and Flora, Hollie and Amelia, Liv, Beth, Anika and Lana.

"I feel so comfortable in this and it makes me happy to know that it is good for the environment too, that' s really important to me!"
- Anika, 12, Oxford.

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