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Rajlakshmi Cotton Mills

More about Rajlakshmi Cotton Mills Ltd

Rajlakshmi Cotton Mills is a leader in the production of Indian Organic Cotton.
Based in Kolkata, RCM have a vertical chain of production from farmer to finished product, meaning they have close control of every stage of the supply chain.

“ At RCM our goal is to meet the expectations of companies in quest of authenticity, coherence and quality in their production sourcing while ensuring the continued progress in the conditions of our workers lives ”

RCM's Workers

RCM employ approximately 1,000 workers across 3 factories. They operate under SA8000 certified social standards.
  • No child labour

  • Working hour compliance

  • Minimum wage compliance

  • Overtime compensation and incentives.

  • Rights of Freedom of Association for all workers.

  • No discrimination for race, age, sex, political opinion or religion.

  • Workers are represented by the Centre of Indian Trade Unions (CITUs).

Additional benefits include:

  • Transport to and from the job site

  • Company sponsored meals

  • Health plan

  • Funding for workers’ children’s education

RCM's Fabric

Organic Cotton

  • RCM uses only GOTS Certified Organic and Fairtrade cotton, supporting small organic farmers, including those involved in the Chetna Project.
  • Organic cotton is much better for the environment because it doesn’t rely on pesticides, insecticides or herbicides. Organic cotton growing systems help to replenish and maintain soil fertility and biodiversity, as well as using much less water. It’s also much better for the health of farmers and factory workers.

Responsible Dyes

  • RCM uses low-impact, fibre-reactive dyes that are safe and GOTS certified.
  • These dyes use less water, less heat and produce less waste runoff than regular chemical dyeing processes. They contain no heavy metals or other known toxic substances and meet all EU criteria for eco-friendly garments.
  • RCM also use up-to-date, high performance equipment and have a dedicated R&D team.

In 2018 we went all the way to India to see the factory in action!