Make Black Friday green - and help us plant some trees.

We want to turn black Friday green. 

Green Friday

We believe there's too much emphasis on consumerism, fast fashion and a throwaway culture - never more so than this time of year - so we're trying to change that by turning Black Friday green.

We can't ignore that Black Friday is definitely 'a thing', as big brands and businesses encourage us all to buy and spend big in the holiday season. But why can't we make it 'a good thing', if it helps us think more about our purchases and be grateful for what we already have, rather than simply wanting more? 

We've always taken a slightly different approach to Black Friday and this year is no different as once again it feels like we need to mark it in a different way. This year we're going to be planting a tree for every order we receive over the Black Friday weekend - from Friday 27th to Monday 30th November inclusive. 

I'm a big fan of getting outside and getting stuck in, but I also believe in letting the experts do what they're best at, so we're going to be working with Eden Reforestation Projects for this initiative. Eden Reforestation work in a number of different countries, including Kenya, Nepal and Madagascar, to plant trees and help alleviate extreme poverty. I know we'll have a greater impact by working with them to get our trees out into the world!

Eden projects logo

We will be continuing to donate two pairs of underwear to Smalls for All for every pair we sell during this time, so we'll just be broadening our - and your - impact by planting trees too. 

So a huge THANK YOU in advance for helping us turn Black Friday green this year. Please support the #buyethicalinstead and #GreenFriday campaigns and only buy what you really need and to make those purchases count. This year it's more important than ever.

Sarah x