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Make Black Friday green sale

We want to turn Black Friday green

We believe there's currently too much emphasis on consumerism, fast fashion and a throwaway culture, so we're trying to change that by turning Black Friday green.

We can't ignore that Black Friday is definitely 'a thing', as big brands and businesses encourage us all to buy and spend big in the holiday season. But why can't we make it 'a good thing', if it helps us think more about our purchases and be grateful for what we already have, rather than simply wanting more? 

This is our first Black Friday, so we're making it a green one. We're supporting this year's #buyethicalinstead and #GreenFriday campaigns and are encouraging YOU to only buy what you really need and to make those purchases count. By buying any of our underwear, you are also helping a person in need. 

We recognise that everyone needs undies, which in fact is part of our mission as we work with Smalls for All to provide underwear to people that don't have it. But our aim is to help make a difference with every purchase, so your support for us today will help ensure women and children around the world have access to something we take for granted every day. 

All our undies are sustainably made from 100% certified organic cotton and we also promise to donate a pair for every pair purchased. So by changing something as simple as your undies, YOU really can change lives. 

We have #GreenFriday offers on both women's undies and men's trunks. Simply check out the details below and enter the relevant discount codes at the checkout: 

"GFbralette" - to qualify for 50% off a pair of women's undies with every bralette purchased. 

Green Friday bralette offer 


"GFtrunks" - to get 10% off all 2, 3 and 5 pair packs of men's trunks. 

Green Friday men's trunks offer


Thanks for helping us turn Black Friday green.