Coronavirus and Y.O.U - what are we doing?


It's been great to show our pants to so many people!

In the build up to Christmas, we've braved the cold and some very early starts. Christmas markets have been a great opportunity for us to get our products out there, and to meet so many enthusiastic customers.

With minced pies stacked high behind the scenes, we discussed everything from Smalls to elastane, band width to certifications! We also managed to not spill any mulled wine on our pants...

Sometimes, we were preaching to the converted. We met lots of existing customers who had come to find us for the second year in a row!

We'll leave you with this amazing review:

"Finally, a year after I met Sarah at the Christmas Zero Waste Market, I've bought myself some ethically produced, organic, vegan underwear. I've been waiting for enough holes to appear in my present knickers to justify the purchase, and that day has come. Now I've got beautiful new underwear and I've donated 10 pairs to Smalls for All. It's sobering to remember that nothing you wear looks good if it's made through exploitation and by pillaging the earth. Thanks to @youunderwearuk and @zerowastegoods for a great, ethical start to a wonderful day out in London" - @onestepatatime61