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Sarah Jordan was inspired to start Y.O.U Underwear on a trip to Uganda in 2016, where she came
face-to-face with the problems associated with not having underwear. She saw the number of
women and children who were being excluded from school, work and even their communities –
especially during their periods – all because they didn't have underwear. In some communities it is
estimated that 1 in 10 girls miss school on their periods due to a lack of underwear and sanitary
products. Without proper period protection, they’re left with no choice but to miss school – up to
12 weeks a year!

Instead of getting her knickers in a twist about all these issues, Sarah decided to found Y.O.U
Underwear on a buy-one-give-one model with Smalls for All.

Read more about our story, or head over to our buy-one-give-two page to find out more about how
this model works.


Last year Sarah won numerous awards for her work with Y.O.U Underwear, including the Barclay's
Women in Business Role Model of the Year 2019, the Be The Change Awards Fashion Brand of the
Year 2019 and the Women’s Business Club Woman in Sales and Retail 2019. This year the business
has also been a finalist in the Global Good Awards, The Business Green Leaders Awards and the
Blue Patch Awards, as well as being named as one of Small Business Saturday’s SmallBiz100.

We've also been featured by national publications (from The Guardian to London's Metro!), as well
as locally in Oxfordshire.

You can find out more about our past coverage on our Media and Awards Page

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