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Smalls for All

Smalls for All

Who are Smalls For All?

Smalls for All is a Scottish charity dedicated to collecting and distributing underwear to vulnerable women and children in Africa and the UK.

In the UK, Smalls for All helps charities that focus on alleviating poverty, by providing them with underwear.

In Africa, Smalls for All helps individuals in orphanages, slums, camps, hospitals and schools, supporting people in over 18 countries. Where possible, Smalls for All ensures that underwear is bought in local communities, rather than being shipped in – this reduces shipping and helps to support the local economy.

Smalls for All works with a number of partners, including the Freedom from Fistula Foundation (FFFF) and Kenya Children’s Homes (KCH), to ensure that underwear reaches the people who need it most.

Y.O.U Underwear and Smalls for All

We operate on a buy-one-give-two model. For every pair of Y.O.U underwear sold, we donate TWO pairs of underwear to Smalls for All!

We've donated over 3,550 pairs of underwear so far - here we are pictured with just a few!

Us at Smalls for All

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