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Smalls for All

Smalls for All

More about Smalls

Smalls for All is a Scottish charity dedicated to collecting and distributing underwear to vulnerable women and children in Africa and the UK.

In Africa, Smalls focuses on individuals in orphanages, slums, camps, hospitals and schools, including IDPs (internationally displaced persons). It has so far supported people in over 18 African countries. Where possible, Smalls ensures that pants are bought in local communities, rather than being shipped in – this reduces shipping and helps to support the local economy.

It works with a number of partners, including the Freedom from Fistula Foundation (FFFF) and Kenya Children’s Homes (KCH), to ensure that underwear reaches the people who need it most. Smalls also supports organisations such as Days for Girls and the Tumaini Fund, which provide hygiene kits for girls. Each kit is designed to last a girl 3 years and will help her to reclaim over 180 days of school.

Y.O.U and Smalls

We operate on a buy-one-give-two model. For every pair of Y.O.U pants sold, Smalls will donate two pairs of pants!
For instance, if we sell 500 pairs of pants, we work out the cost of Smalls supplying 1000 pairs of pants using their carefully thought-out distribution networks. We then give them this money at intervals throughout the year.
In 2018 we enabled Smalls to donate 1,000 pairs of pants, and we now have our sights set on donating 23,000 pairs in 2023!

Supporting Smalls Directly

Smalls accept donations of new pants and gently worn bras. These can be sent to:
Smalls for All®
Five Sisters Business Park
West Calder
H55 8PN
United Kingdom
Smalls also accept money and online donations. Visit the page below
for more details:

Earlier this year, we spent a day at Smalls' distribution centre near Edinburgh to see how it all works!

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