Y.O.U stock levels - thank you and an apology!

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Thank you - and apologies too!

9th September update
We're hoping to have our full range of black products back in stock in the next couple of weeks and all the other colours with us by mid October. Fingers crossed and we will keep you posted with progress!

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TL:DR - the short version

Thank you so much for your support over the past few months.
It has been amazing and I truly appreciate all of it and all of you. It's kept us going as a business and able to keep supporting people in the UK and Africa who need our underwear donations too. So thank you!

And apologies for our current stock issues.
Unfortunately the coronavirus challenges remain and manufacturing lockdowns mean that underwear that should have been with us in March is only just on its way to us now. Safety remains our priority and we apologise for the inconvenience this has caused - we appreciate your patience and hopefully it will be worth the wait!
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And the full story...for anyone who's interested! :)

It's been an 'eventful' past few months for us at Y.O.U underwear, as I'm sure it has been for everyone.
When we locked down back in March, I could never have foreseen how the following few months would pan out and it has certainly challenged us in a number of ways. And continues to. Things were initially very tough and I was honestly worried about the survival of the business. Sales almost totally disappeared overnight as everyone adjusted to the new 'normal', but then gradually came back as we put in place new hygiene and safety measures to keep everyone safe and allow us to keep going.

Since then the support for us and what we're trying to do as a business has been amazing.
We've been lucky, thanks to some hard work and good media coverage (big shout out to The Guardian, Metro and JACKfm!), but also to the loyalty of our fantastic customers. Every single like, share, recommendation and purchase makes a big difference at times like these and it really means a huge amount to us - and ultimately the people we're trying to help. So a huge THANK YOU to everyone who has supported us over the past few months and who continues to do so. You are superstars!

★     ★     ★

However the challenges continue and so this also has to serve as a bit of an apology. As many of you have noticed, unfortunately we're running out of a lot of our most popular items and so many of our amazing undies simply aren't available at the moment. I know how frustrating this is and I can only apologise and be honest about the situation. We work with an amazing sustainable manufacturer in India and they were forced to close in March as the coronavirus spread there.

Unfortunately the order that was due with us back in March therefore got stuck and just as things were starting to re-open in June ... they got hit by a cyclone! This caused significant damage and they were forced to close again, although thankfully nobody was hurt.

The factory is slowly starting to operate again, although capacity is obviously reduced to maintain social distancing and so things are taking longer that they might usually. My main priority throughout this has been everyone's safety though, so I am keen that they work slowly and safely rather than rush to get our underwear to us, which I'm sure you understand.

This does mean that we will all have to be patient over the next few weeks as we wait for our order to arrive and things to be back in stock. The latest update is that our black products should be with us next week (w/c 21st September), with the rest of the range due in early October.

I can only apologise for this and hope that you will bear with us over the next few weeks. Please do enter your email address if you would like to receive notification of when our order arrives and items become available again.

So thank you for your support AND your patience!
I really appreciate them both and the difference you make to us and others around the world. Please do let me know if you have any questions and thanks again.

Sarah x

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