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Happy Birthday (Orange Flower) - Plantable Seed Card

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These beautiful cards are made from seed card, a post-consumer paper waste. They're 100% biodegradable, and the seed-embedded card just means that you can plant your card after your birthday and be left with some beautiful wildflowers! 

These cards are:

  • Plantable card embedded with high-quality wildflower seeds
  • Made from post-consumer waste
  • Sent with a post-consumer waste embossed Kraft envelope
  • Printed with vegan-friendly ink
  • Zero plastic in all of our packaging

What is card made from post-consumer waste? We're glad you asked!

No trees were harmed in the making of this card! Refreshing to hear right?

Waste paper is collected and mulched into a pulp, then seeds are added. Once the mix is ready, it's pressed into sheets and left to dry. The final product is a beautiful seed card!

Instructions for planting:

You can plant seed card inside or outside but do keep in mind the conditions. How well would you grow if you were left in a snowstorm or in a desert?

  • Fill your pots 2/3 full of soil. Press it down so it isn’t loose but not too much! Those roots need to be able to make their way through.
  • Add your seed card, either whole or torn up into pieces depending on the size of your pot. It doesn’t matter if the pieces overlap.
  • Cover the seed card over with a little more soil, not too much, just a thin layer is fine. Give it a good water (but again not too much, just until the soil is moist). You want the card and soil to be damp but not trying to grow in a swimming pool. Keep this up over 10 days or so and before long the seed will germinate, and shoots will start to sprout.
  • Keep up the watering and within four weeks those little shoots will grow into small plants. Water them as needed and then just watch them grow!

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Delivery costs £3.95 and is Royal Mail 's 24 First Class service.