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Article: Are we doing enough to lessen climate change?

Are we doing enough to lessen climate change?
Business For Good

Are we doing enough to lessen climate change?

We’re halfway through COP 27 – the UN Climate Change Conference which is underway in Sharm El Sheikh, Egypt and the world is watching!

As it enters the final week, (6th – 18th November) this blog is a stark reminder of why we must do all we can to help reduce climate change for future generations. Hotter temperatures, more severe storms, increased drought, a warmer rising ocean, loss of species, not enough food, poverty and displacement are the sobering consequences of climate change.

People wading through flood waters in East Africa (Photo by Oxfam)

Photo by Oxfam East Africa (Wading through flood waters)

The key conference of the moment is the 27th Conference of the Parties to the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change or “COP27”. This annual get-together of world leaders aims to tackle issues critical to tackling our global climate emergency and seeks renewed solidarity between countries, to deliver on the landmark Paris Agreement (to limit global warming to well below 2, preferably to 1.5 degrees Celsius) to help protect people and the planet.

We need to act now! Here’s 10 reminders that prove we’re in a climate emergency.

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  1. There’s more carbon dioxide in our atmosphere than at any time in human history.
  2. We’re on the path to exceeding 1.5C of warming.
  3. Our remaining carbon budget is tiny.
  4. Extreme heat events have become more frequent and severe.
  5. Humans have already caused 1.07C of warming.
  6. Sea levels are rising faster today than ever before.
  7. Arctic sea ice is rapidly diminishing.
  8. Two-thirds of extreme weather events in the last 20 years were influenced by humans.
  9. Dengue fever could spread through much of southeastern US by 2050.
  10. Average wildlife populations have dropped by 60 per cent in just over 40 years.

Although it may feel all doom and gloom, there are lots of actions we can all take to help reduce our greenhouse gas emissions!

For example, at Y.O.U underwear, we want to reduce our carbon footprint and environmental impact as much as possible, and planting trees is a great way to help the earth. For every sign up to our weekly email newsletter, we plant a tree with Ecologi. They work with Eden Reforestation to plant trees ethically and sustainably, and have transparent data backing up their claims. If you need a weekly dose of positivity, underwear updates and sustainability tips, you can subscribe to our Positive Pants newsletter here

Green trees in a forest, shown through a misty sky

Beyond this, the Y.O U team are making improvements to our home, transport and food choices too. We’re sharing this great list by the Grantham Institute, Imperial College, London of key things you can do about climate change. Here are 3 of our favourites:

1) Eat less meat and dairy.

Try to choose fresh, seasonal produce that is grown locally to help reduce the carbon emissions from transportation, preservation and prolonged refrigeration.

An image showing the carbon footprint is greater than fish and chips

2) Reduce your energy use, and bills.

Put on an extra layer and turn down the heating a degree or two. A great choice is to cosy up with these eco friendly bamboo socks. Turn off lights and appliances when you don’t need them and replace light bulbs with LEDs or other low-energy lights.

3) Cut consumption – and waste. 

Avoid single-use items and fast fashion, and try not to buy more than you need. Shop around for second-hand or quality items that last a long time. Put your purchasing power to good use by choosing brands that align with your new green aspirations – including Y.O.U! From July to September 2022, we planted 98 trees in collaboration with Ecologi and Treedom. We also conserved 144,940 litres of water by using organic rather than conventional cotton, saving enough energy to power a standard 60W lightbulb for 133 days. 


Check out our impact reports here. They demonstrate how we’re striving to have a positive environmental and social impact and to show that businesses can be a force for good. Thanks for being on this journey with this. Which lifestyle changes to lessen climate change will you try today? We’d love to know! Tell us how you get on by commenting below, by emailing or sharing on our socials!

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