Our story

Sarah and Lily


Hello. We’re Sarah and Lily. And we’re trying to change the world one pair of pants at a time!

It all started when we travelled out to East Africa in 2016 and did some community volunteer work as part of the Uganda Marathon. We were shocked at the number of women and children we met who didn't have access to something we take for granted every day – underwear. As a result they were being excluded from school, work and even their communities, especially during their periods.

Now that’s just not right. In fact, it made us really angry.

But instead of getting our knickers in a twist, we started making them.

Because we believe that it should be just as easy for women and children in poor communities to have access to underwear as it is for us. And we decided that if we could create a business that sold underwear using a buy-one-give-one model then it would be a huge step towards making that a reality.

And so Y.O.U Underwear was born.

A business with a purpose beyond profit – to help you make a difference in the world with nothing but Your Own Underwear.


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All Y.O.U underwear is...

Good for you

Y.O.U make a difference messaging

Super-soft organic cotton isn’t the only thing about our underwear that makes you feel good - inside every pair is a positive message designed to inspire and bring confidence to the wearer. We’re also committed to using real men and women of all shapes and sizes as our models, encouraging everyone who buys our underwear to be healthy and happy in their own skin. 

Good for others

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Buy-one-give-one means that every time you buy Y.O.U undies, someone in need gets a pair too. We donate a percentage of the profit from each piece of underwear we sell to our partners Smalls for All, a charity who collect and distribute underwear to women and children across Africa. And their local knowledge and experience makes sure that our contributions are helping not hurting in the long run.

Good for the planet

Cotton plant

Part of the Y.O.U mission is to reduce the harmful impact of the clothing industry on people and the environment. So all of our underwear is stitched together by India’s number one ethical and sustainable manufacturer using 100%-organic Fairtrade cotton. It's not only much less polluting for the planet than conventional cotton, it’s also less damaging to those that grow and work with it.