Want to Shop our Undies in Real Life?

We get it, you want to feel our super soft organic cotton and see how our underwear looks for sizing. Well don't worry, you can, as we have a 'real' shop in Oxford's historic Covered Market.

Where to find us:

Y.O.U Oxford: Unit 84 The Covered Market, Market St, Oxford OX1 3DY.

Find us in the central area by the Post Box in Avenue 3!


Winter Opening Hours:

Monday to Wednesday
: 11am to 5pm
Thursday & Friday
: 11am to 7pm
: 10am to 7pm,
: 11am to 4pm


Covered Market's late-night opening:

Our Y.O.U Oxford shop will be open until 7pm on Thursday, Friday & Saturday each week.

  • Sarah

    When not doing a million other things to keep Y.O.U thriving, Sarah our incredible founder can also be found lending a hand on the shop floor and always making sure the Y.O.U ship sails smoothly.

  • Keda

    Keda has been part of the Y.O.U team for over 4 years now! On top of being such a friendly face in the shop, she is a photographer and artist extraordinaire and designed our lovely changing rooms.

  • Neve

    You may recognise Neve from her and her mum's fabulous beauty and skincare brand Neve's Bees. Neve can be found buzzing around the shop as well as helping out with our blog and newsletter!

We've done something special with our changing rooms...

We know that trying on underwear can leave some feeling anxious or embarrassed and thats something we never want! Instead, we wanted to remind all our wonderful customers that their bodies are amazing.

Keda has been busy adorning our changing with positive messages to remind us that our worth is NOT a pant size!

Come check them out for yourself!

Want more Y.O.U time? Come along to one of our events!

As part of the late-night opening of Oxford's Covered Market, we're taking advantage of the extended hours to offer a series of events and workshops that we think will be of interest to our customers. 

From clothes mending to 'Hidden History' tours showcasing the lesser-known stories of Oxford, and clothes swaps to talks on how to best manage the menopause, we've got some exciting topics lined up and we hope you'll find something of interest. 

Y.O.U events