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Article: Our Top Tips for WFH Productivity

Our Top Tips for WFH Productivity

Our Top Tips for WFH Productivity

Sarah working from home

We’ve put together a short selection of ideas on how you can look good, do good and feel good from the comfort (or confines) of your own home. 

  1. Look Good 

✏️ Get out of those joggers, put on some makeup…or whatever makes you feel ‘put together’, like you’re going to work on a normal day. This will help to get you in the right mindset for productivity during the day.

✏️Start with a strong foundation…have we told you that our underwear is both stylish and incredibly soft? There’s nothing quite like comfortable undies to get you through the day. 

  1. Feel Good

✏️ Accept that you might be less productive. A change of scene is so important for many of us, and when the boundaries between different spaces start to fade, it can be difficult to compartmentalise your work. Don’t expect too much of yourself! 

✏️ Take breaks! For every 40 minutes of concentration, take a 10-minute break to help you recharge. Whether this is a cup of tea or a quick burst of fresh air, you’ll notice the difference.

✏️ Find a comforting, neutral background noise. Sounds of rain or the ocean can be particularly good for concentration.

  1. Do Good

✏️ Reach out to people. Is there anyone in your local area who you can help? Even if this is just a phone call, it’s more important than ever to maintain connection with others. You’re not in this alone 

✏️ Do something nice for yourself every day. Skype parties not your thing? Have a relaxing bath, go for a walk in the sunshine, watch your favourite TV drama…

✏️ Support a charity or a small business. Right now, they need your help more than ever! Smalls for All have recently had to close their warehouse due to the coronavirus, but they still need your help - an online donation of £3 makes a massive difference! We’ve also come up with a list of ways you can support us, which is applicable to any small business (but maybe don’t send anyone else pictures of you in your Y.O.U undies!).

Do you have any more ideas you can share with us? We’ve by no means cracked this (even though it may look like it...). Reach out to us on Instagram or Facebook (@YOUunderwearuk) - we’d love to hear from you. 

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