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Article: "Your Worth Is Not A Pant Size"- the importance of underwear in body positivity.

Our newly decorated Oxford Covered Market Store changing rooms

"Your Worth Is Not A Pant Size"- the importance of underwear in body positivity.

What is body positivity?

Body positivity emphasises the importance of accepting and embracing all body types and sizes - obviously people come in different shapes and sizes, and we think this diversity should be actively celebrated. At Y.O.U Underwear, we want to encourage individuals to celebrate their bodies and practice self-love, regardless of societal norms or ideals. 

male and female models rocking our Mara print underwear by a lake!

The importance of underwear and body positivity: 

Whilst underwear may seem, to some, like a relatively small aspect of life -  it can play a huge role in promoting body positivity, boosting self-esteem and celebrating one's body. It is so important that you feel comfortable and confident in your 'base layer', so that you can feel comfortable and confident on the outside. This is why we think it is important that we design for lots of body types and sizes - our women's sizing range runs from UK 6-22 and our men’s from XS to 3XL. We’ve also introduced designs such as our mid-rise bikini and more supportive bra in response to customer feedback about wanting more coverage and support – it is much easier to be confident when you feel comfortable and supported!

How to encourage self-love and self-acceptance: 

Of course, finding underwear that fits comfortably is a step towards feeling truly confident in your body - but is not a magic cure to self-acceptance. Sometimes, standing in front of a mirror in your underwear can be a little scary - but why not give yourself a compliment once in a while! Practicing self-affirmations has been found to enhance self-confidence, self-esteem and well-being. Your body does amazing things for you every day, appreciate it for all it does.

Here are some of our top-tips to practice self-love!

 5 ways to practice self love

How Y.O.U underwear is trying to help: 

Encouraging self-love and helping customers celebrate their bodies was the motivation behind our recent 'changing room transformations'. A few months back we enlisted the help of our Instagram followers to come up with quotes to put on our walls and mirrors to encourage everyone to celebrate their bodies. Our amazing followers came up with these great slogans:
'In case nobody's told you: Nice Butt',
'Your Worth is Not a Pant Size',
'Each Jiggly Bit Tells a Story',
'Y.O.U Are Enough' and
'You're Beautiful - And that's the least interesting thing about you'

And these are now proudly decorating the mirrors in our changing rooms!

We hope you love our new changing rooms, and they feel like a safe and truly uplifting space!

Keda in the process of transforming the changing roomsOur newly decorated mirrors

Thanks to Keda and Neve for their creativity in bringing these statements to life. 

Come and visit our shop in Oxford's Covered Market to see Keda's beautiful pictures in real life! 

P.S - If you fancy taking a selfie in our new changing rooms, tag us @youunderwearuk !

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