Coronavirus and Y.O.U - what are we doing?

Buy One Give Two

Pant Donations Doubled!

From the start we've had a 'buy one give one' model, where we donate a pair of undies for every pair we sell. We do this through our partnership with the charity Smalls for All, to ensure donations are as effective as possible.

Thanks to your support, we donated over 1,000 pairs of underwear to Smalls in 2018 and should be providing over 2,400 pairs for 2019 (we're just finalising our numbers after a busy Christmas). This clearly makes a real difference and will change lives, so thank you!

In previous years we were lucky enough to secure matched funding from a local business, enabling us to double our donations. So instead of giving one pair for every pair we sold, we were able to give two. That's double the number of women and children we can provide underwear for!

We haven't yet found a partner to help us do the same thing in 2020 (and beyond!), so if you know an amazing business that may be interested in doing that, please get in touch. Simply email and we'll get back to you asap!

In a world where something as simple as Your Own Underwear can mean the difference between going to school and not, that's life changing. And you have been - and will continue to be - a key part of that.

So thank you again, from all of us.

Sarah x

Upgrade Your Undies!

Get in Touch!

We're looking for more amazing partners to help us match our donations in 2020, so we can continue to change even more lives. Contact us at if you want to get involved!