Body Positivity

We never airbrush our images

89% of women have opted out of social interactions or physical activities due to a lack of body confidence. This is why we want to encourage everyone who buys Y.O.U underwear to be healthy and happy in their own skin.

We’re committed to showing an inclusive and diverse group of people in our images, and promise never to edit or airbrush our images. We want everyone to feel happy and confident in their Y.O.U Underwear which is why we hide a positive message inside our undies for a daily reminder that You Make A Difference!

We’ve had models from ages 18 to 80, and sizes 8 to 18 in our last photoshoot and we’re always working to improve our sizing and show how our undies look on the amazing humans who model for us - who are often our friends and family.

Underwear that's comfortable for all

The best undies are the ones you forget you’re wearing! Our underwear is designed for maximum comfort (and style) across a broad range of body shapes. Who said you can’t have both?

"Comfy and sexy! I have been extremely pleased with my new underwear. I feel very sexy and they are so comfortable"

Joanne, Portugal

Body Positivity
Body Positivity

Positive message hidden inside

Inside every pair of underwear is a positive message designed to inspire and bring confidence to the wearer.

"I love these trunks. They are incredibly comfortable... and the best is the secret reminder to make a difference."

Peter, Germany

Thoughtful sizing!

We've approached sizing a little differently with our girls' bralettes! We’ve named our four size options after Ugandan villages, the country that inspired our original business concept: Jinja, Kira, Lira and Masaka.

This is because we feel that there isn’t a set size for bodies at different ages, and we don’t want to put any additional pressure on young girls. We hope that this flexible size description will help to encourage body positivity in girls at the outset of their relationship with bras.

We suggest using band width as a starting point, you can visit our help page for more detail or get in touch with us if you have any questions!

Girls Bralettes

Look good, do good, feel good