All 7 of our core colours

Around the World in Underwear Traditions

All 7 of our core colours

Do you have that one pair of underwear that just makes you feel amazing? Well according to many Latin American countries, and a few others around the world, maybe their colour has something to do with it!

Read on to find out about how your choice of undies on New Year's Eve may affect your year!

  1. Puerto Rico

After living through the last year and a half of a pandemic, you might want to adorn yourself with some white underwear for good health! In Puerto Rico, this is also a symbol of fertility for those of you wanting to start a family.

  1. Spain

Feel alive in our Red Mara undies since, in Spain, red is a symbol of life.

Our Red Mara Bikini and Plain Boy Shorts Set

  1. Peru

If you want to enter the New Year with some positive energy, wear a pair of green underwear. Extra bonus points if you wear them inside out and change them back at midnight.


  1. Philippines

In the Philippines, the roundness of polka dots represent prosperity, so don't forget to slip into your fave spotty set as the New Year arrives!

Our pink girls starter bra bralette with white polka dots
  1. Argentina

Ready for romance? According to Argentinians, you should try our light pink collection on New Year's Eve for some luck in the love department.


  1. Columbia, Chile, Ecuador ...

...and in many South American countries, yellow represents happiness and good fortune - a good bet if you're not sure what you want specifically.

Our Yellow Mara Print
  1. China

If you feel like you've been scorned with bad luck recently, try red with gold embroidery to ward off bad luck. Now unfortunately we don't have any with gold embroidery, but maybe an up-cycling project could sort you out here! According to Chinese beliefs, it will work even better if it's your Chinese zodiac year.

  1. Bolivia

Unlike Argentinians, Bolivians believe pink represents friendship. Wear these backwards to double your luck in finding your besties.

Our pink bralette and boy shorts set on white bedding with flowers

  1. Portugal

Felt like the last couple of years has caused you a lot of stress? Try our blue underwear to head into the new year with a sense of tranquillity and calm.

  1. Brazil

Wear some orange underwear with an all-white outfit if you'd like to focus on professional success in the next year! You got this!

  1. Italy

Over in Italy, wearing red represents cheer, and even more so if it was a present from the day before.


  1. Beware wearing Black Underwear!

Maybe best to wait for the 2nd to wear these, since according to many countries wearing black underwear into the New Year can represent misfortune.

 A woman faces away from the camera wearing a grey shirt and black boy shorts


Written by Esme Spry

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