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Article: 10 Ethical Stocking Filler Ideas, all under £10!

On a white background, 3 blue stockings are hanging

10 Ethical Stocking Filler Ideas, all under £10!

On a white background, 3 blue stockings are hanging

It's that time of year again... 

Maybe the Christmas shopping panic has already set in, or maybe you're feeling more on top of it than last year when everything  was bought in a rush on Christmas Eve! Either way, we're here to help with the little things to buy for even the most minimalist people in your life. Avoid the unwanted tit-tat with these 10 stocking filler suggestions! 


1.     Zero-Waste Soaps, £4

Toiletry bars are a zero-waste staple, and what's more, most of them are organic - so much kinder to your skin as well as the planet! Cut the plastic and get yourself some hand-made shaving soap from our shop.  


We have a selection of Vegan and Beeswax lip balms, all in zero-waste and reusable metal tins and made in the UK!

You can shop Neve's Bees' Oxford-Made Beeswax Lip Balms and Hand Salves here, and our selection of alcohol-inspired vegan lip balms here


A cardboard display unit filled with brightly coloured Neve's Bees Products


A set of 3 GOTS certified organic cotton produce bags. Ideal for fruit, veg and bread. 

The bread bag is a waste-free way shop at the bakery and can be used for fruit & veg too, the lightweight bag is great for weight fruit and veg in a supermarket as it almost weights nothing on the scales and the net bag perfect is for shopping at a farmers market. Give the gift of sustainability!

4. Reusable Make-Up Pads, £7

Say goodbye to endless cotton pads cluttering up your cupboard and get some of these amazing reusable cotton pads! Works a dream on make-up or just to wash your face with. Ours are handmade by Jennifer in Oxford, so you're shopping small, local and zero-waste!


Jen's Reusable Make Up Rounds

5. Plastic-free chewing gum, £2.75

You may not realise, but chewing gum is actually made from plastic. This is not good news for your body, and takes super long to decompose so will hang around for ages! Instead, why don't you buy your favourite gum-fiend some plastic-free chewing gum? 

6. A Doug, Supporting Women in India, £5

Doug is a fashion accessory in the shape of a cloud.

But really, he's much, much more than that! 

Hand-made by women from the cotton farming communities in India from recycled fabrics, he gives them courage & brings them money too.

These sustainable, Organic Cotton and Eco Elastic scrunchies from Eliza Eliza are the perfect way to celebrate women and make a feminist statement! Available in 4 styles, there's something for everyone. 

All 4 Eco Elastic and Organic Cotton Scrunchies

8. Grow your own Mushrooms Kit, £9.99

A vegan go-to for meat replacement, oyster mushrooms have become increasingly popular in the UK, having been a staple in parts of Asia, North America, and the Mediterranean. Now you can buy someone a supply that last months! 


9. Wildflower Bee Bombs, £7

Since WW2, bees native to the UK have lost 97% of their habitat. Let your gift not only be for that special someone, but for the bees too! Plus wildflowers will look gorgeous in your garden. 

A wildflower Bee Bomb

 10. A Handmade gift 

Nothing is more sustainable or thoughtful than making a present yourself. If nothing on this list takes your fancy, this is another great alternative to buying something meaningless! 


We hope that this has given you plenty of inspiration for your Secret Santa, Christmas Gift and Stocking Filler Shopping! You can view all of our sustainable gifts that are under £10 here. 

Written by Esme Spry and Jess Rigg

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