Sustainable Christmas Gifts for Under £25

Sustainable Christmas Gifts for Under £25

Christmas is looming, and so is the inevitable panic buying that often involves throwing our morals out the window for something easy, cheap, and unsustainable. Trust me, it happens to the best of us!

But worry not, we are here to help! There's still plenty of time to sort out that perfect gift, so feel free to steal an idea from the list below for something that's cheap, and cheerful for everyone, not just the consumer. 

Here are 5 Sustainable Christmas Gifts for Under £25:

1. Recycled Plastic Earrings by YagoEco, £20-25

    These statement earrings are handmade using our old green recycled plastic mailer bags and white bottle tops! We absolutely love these and they make a lovely Christmas gift, while also making a statement about plastic waste! 

    Recycled Plastic Earrings

    2. Pivot Bottle Opener - Tackling Homelessness in the UK, £15

    This stainless steel bottle opener was designed to be sent to loved ones during the national lockdown. The hug design creates an easy pivot point to open a bottle cap! The bottle openers have 'Pivot' Stamped on them.

    All of Pivot's proceeds from these bottle openers go towards the running of their hostel programmes.

    Pivot Bottle Opener

    3. Support a Start-Up with Send a Cow, £20

    Trying to buy for the person who's got everything? Why not buy a donation on their behalf to teach someone how to run a business and better their own and their family's prospects

    4. Organic Cotton Underwear, from £12

    Maybe they'd like some new underwear for the festive season? Our men's, women's and girls' underwear is made with Fairtrade and GOTS certified organic cotton. We work with India's leading ethical manufacturer and for every pair we sell, we donate! We have classic colours and bright prints, with prices starting from £12.

    Black Underwear Wrapped up with Ribbon

    5. Bee Revival Keyrings, £11

     These bee saving kits can be attached your keychain for when you are out on the go and come across an exhausted bee in need of your help! The bee revival keyring provides an emergency solution to REVIVE an exhausted bee or butterfly so it can continue its mission pollinating planet Earth.

    A Bee drinking from the Beevive

    We hope you're feeling inspired by these ideas and getting into the Christmas spirit! We hope that you choose to Shop Ethical Instead this festive season. 


    Written by Esme Spry

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