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Article: We're Ditching the Black Friday Sale

On a black background, the text reads 'This Black Friday, we're (having a sale) (struckthrough) supporting fashion revolution
Business For Good

We're Ditching the Black Friday Sale

On a black background, the text reads 'This Black Friday, we're (having a sale) (struckthrough) supporting fashion revolution

We're ditching the sales this Black Friday and Cyber Monday (26th – 29th November 2021) and instead of offering a discount, we'll be donating 10% of our underwear sales over the weekend to Fashion Revolution. We're choosing to support their important and industry-wide work against exploitation.

Why Fashion Revolution?

Fashion Revolution is an organisation that started after the Rana Plaza collapse in 2013. They are the world's largest fashion activism movement who advocate for workers, lobby to change policy and give us an opportunity to take a stand. We think their work is vital to change the fashion industry for the better, which is why we're donating to them this Black Friday weekend. 

Why aren't you offering a discount?

We believe that Black Friday promotes mindless overconsumption and waste. It's the antithesis of sustainable shopping and we don't want our underwear to be bought unnecessarily, just because it's on sale. We appreciate that not everyone can afford certain items, and Black Friday can be a good way to access those things or save money - we totally understand this and are not here to shame anybody. 

However, a lot of clothing and fashion purchases are a result of want, rather than need. 29% of shoppers in the UK expected to spend the most on clothing and shoes during Black Friday.  We want to encourage people to shop mindfully, buy what they need and look at their current wardrobes first - the most sustainable item you can have is one you already own!

Waiting to buy our underwear when it's on sale?

We don't have seasonal collections and never want to promote mindless consumption which is why we never have sales. We appreciate that our underwear is more expensive than you may be used to, however our makers are all paid fair wages, we source sustainable materials and donate underwear to those in need - which is all included in the final price. We want you to love your undies and so they're made to last - high quality at a fair price. 

Got any other questions?

If you have any questions about our Black Friday promotion or products in general, then please do get in touch at or on our social medias @youunderwearuk.

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