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This Valentine's Day, celebrate yourself! We want everyone who buys our underwear to feel confident and happy in their own skin, so we include a positive message in all of our underwear to provide a daily reminder that You Make A Difference.

  • Women's Black bralette

    Self-Love: Bralettes

    "Just lovely! This bralette is very comfortable and soft, in fact you hardly know you’re wearing it." (Sue, UK)

    Treat your bust to this super soft Fairtrade organic cotton and PETA-approved vegan bralette. For many women, the switch to a bralette after a conventional bra is a life changer! From £28, in sizes XS - L, across 7 classic colours (Black, Navy, Light Pink, Grey, Almond, White and Chesnut) and 5 vibrant prints,.

    Shop Bralettes
  • Women's Red Mara Supportive Bra

    Self-Love: Supportive Bra

    "I am 36 E, so well endowed! I am so, so happy you have started making this, thank you so much. " (Sophie, UK)

    Our more supportive bra offers greater support and coverage but still with our signature super-soft organic cotton - all without wires!  From £32, this bra comes in 3 band sizes, each of which is available with a standard cup size and a + cup size, providing greater flexibility to suit different body shapes.

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  • Women's Light Pink Boy Shorts

    Self-Love: Boy Shorts

    "They fit beautifully, are super soft and wash amazingly." (Lucy, UK)

    These organic cotton boy shorts are designed to be subtle, supportive and really comfortable. The Y.O.U elastic waistband provides some extra support and is a stylish addition to an otherwise minimalist design. From £16, and available in sizes 6-22, across 7 classic colours and 5 vibrant prints, - a great everyday style.

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  • Women's Black Thong

    Self-Love: Thongs

    "Comfiest undies ever! I want to only wear these for the rest of my life."(Alexandra, UK)

    Our low-rise organic cotton thong allows for maximum comfort and breathability throughout the day, and is distinctively sleek with minimal coverage. From £12, and available in sizes 6 - 22, across 7 classic colours and 5 vibrant prints, these thongs won't give you any hint of VPL under your clothes.

    Shop Thongs
  • Women's Bikini Bottoms in Almond

    Self-Love: Bikini Bottoms

    "I have been looking for a pair of pants that fit, are comfortable and ethical for years. These tick all the boxes!"(Kate, UK) 

    We have two styles of bikini - a low-rise fit that sits low on the hips and a new mid-rise style that provides more coverage and a higher leg. From £14, they are available in sizes 6-22 across 7 classic colours (Black, Navy, Light Pink, Grey, Almond, White and Chesnut) and 5 vibrant prints, (Mara Red, Blue, Green, Yellow and Black).

    Shop Bikini Bottoms
  • A model wears Y.O.U matching bralette and boy shorts

    Self-Love: Matching Sets

    "This is the perfect matching set, feels amazing to wear." (Louise, UK) 
    Sometimes there's nothing like a matching underwear set to make you feel good!  From £42, our organic cotton bralettes and low-rise bikini bottoms are a soft and comfortable choice. Buying sets saves on money, but not on impact. Every purchase of our matching sets will double your impact. For every sale of our matching sets, we will donate TWO or FOUR pairs of underwear!

    Shop Matching Sets
  • Y.O.U Multipack

    Self-Love: Multipacks

    "I kept coming back to buy from Y.O.U underwear, so it made sense to buy a muiltpack of my fave pants - Can't recommend them enough! (Clare, UK) 

    Our multi-packs of women's organic cotton underwear are perfect if you’re looking to stock up on your favourite style or for a full drawer refresh.

    Buying packs saves on money, but not on impact. Every purchase of our packs will double, triple or quintuple your impact!

    Shop Multipacks
  • Men's Black Mara Trunks

    Share-Love: Men's

    "I think they are of better quality than top brands. I will certainly buy more." (Stewart, UK) 

    Our men’s trunks are a smart yet relaxed everyday essential. They’re made of the softest organic cotton to ensure maximum comfort throughout the day. Hipster-style low-rise waist, snug fit. They are made with a seamed contour pouch, without fly.  From £17, they are available in sizes S - XXL, 3 different leg lengths, 6 classic colours and 5 vibrant prints.

    Shop Men's Trunks
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To encourage the art of Self-Love and celebrate our own well-being and happiness, we're giving away a £40 gift voucher to one wonderful person to spend on any Y.O.U underwear of their choice!

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* The voucher cover purchases in store or online to a value of £40, but excludes any postage charges that may apply, both in the UK & internationally.

* The winner will be picked at random and contacted within 24 hours. This giveaway is open internationally.

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  • 5 ways to practice self love

    How can we develop Self-Love? By less comparisons with others & more putting our own needs and wants first.  

    1) Give yourself a compliment

    Finished an important project at work? Navigated through a difficult time? Pause for a moment and say well done to yourself before life picks up speed again and the moment passes by.

    2) Celebrate the small wins

    Don't neglect the small gains you make - whether it's going for a run or planting some seeds, they all add up and contribute to having a positive mindset and achieving bigger goals.

    3) Start a gratitude journal

    The daily practice of mindfulness and gratitude is a great technique for stress relief. By taking the time for introspection you become aware of your thoughts and emotions and find your balance. A great one to try is the 6 minute diary.

    4) Do something for yourself without guilt

    Take a full lunch hour. Don't wolf your food down, but instead prepare something nutritious to eat the night before or treat yourself to a sit down healthy lunch in your favourite cafe. You'll be more productive for taking a proper break.

    5) Let go of comparison to others

    Especially on social media! Stay focused on living in the real world (not the best-curated parts that other people want you to see) and stay focused on you.

  • Self-Love Reminders

    You are enough

    Never lose sight of this! Embrace your flaws or mistakes, and whether you've had a bad day, a tough experience or are generally feeling flat, know these feelings will pass and you are always enough.

    Just be you

    You don't have to prove yourself to anyone, not everyone will like you or get you and it's best to make your peace with that. The right people will find you and the right people will like you.

    I am good at many things

    Remind yourself of all you can master! Creative, arty, musical, sporty, academic, being a good friend, looking after animals, caring for your family - find something you are good at doing each day.

    I am allowed to feel good

    Yes you are! Enjoy your happy moments, don't sabotage your own success or downplay what you've achieved, take it all in because the chances are, you'll want more of feeling like this!

    Failure is not negative

    It really isn't! Sure it can hurt, but how much wiser are you and how have you grown when something hasn't gone to plan? Gather your thoughts and apply what you've learnt and go forwards.

    I love my body

    It's the only one you'll get, so try and feel thankful for it. Get comfortable in your own skin and cherish what you have.

Self- Love Sizing and Hassle Free Returns!

Not sure what size to order? You can view our sizing charts here. If you're in-between sizes, we recommend sizing up for comfort! We want you to love your new super soft Y.O.U undies and hope that they fit perfectly.

If however they don't, we offer a happiness guaranteed return policy. If you are unhappy for any reason, we offer a fuss-free exchange or refund on all unwashed & unworn items within 30 days of purchase

Y.O.U Make a Difference

Body Positivity

Did you know that inside each item of Y.O.U underwear is a hidden encouraging message? It's inside because it's designed just for the wearer, which we believe makes them truly positive pants! We want our customers to embrace Self-Love and their bodies in all their perfect imperfections.

We firmly believe in body positivity, and we think that brand imagery has a lot to answer for.

We don't feel it's right to promote ethical and sustainable business practices whilst encouraging unnatural portrayals of bodies that just make us all feel worse about ourselves. We use our friends and family as models and we promise never to airbrush our images. 

Read about our Ethical Marketing
On a white background, several red and pink pairs of men and women's underwear are shown accompanied by some cinnamon chewing gum, a pink and red face mask and a valentine's day card

5 Sustainable Gifts

If you've got Self-Love covered, then check out our curated selection of ethical and eco-friendly Valentine's gifts for your loved ones too.

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