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Article: 5 Ways to Preserve the Oceans, with Kanula

Turtle swimming in the sea, with a coral reef behind it
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5 Ways to Preserve the Oceans, with Kanula

Turtle in the ocean, behind is a coral reef


We’ve teamed up with sustainable and ethical clothing brand, Kanula, to share five top tips on how YOU can help us in protecting and preserving the ocean and environment. 

First thing’s first, change the way you view our planet 

Did you know that the ocean provides more than half of the world’s oxygen?  It is also home to millions of species which play a vital role for marine ecosystems. 

So, how can we protect it? Well, we need to help our ocean, and not just to help now and neglect again, action is needed now and long term. We need to change the way we view our planet, we only get one. Our actions have an impact and together, we can build a healthier ocean and protect our marine mates. Kanula supports an ethical & sustainable vision which aims to give back to the planet and promote others to do so. 

Be aware of the impact of plastic on our environment and reduce plastic waste

We know that plastic can be damaging for the environment, but what can we do to minimise the waste? Year upon year, millions of tonnes of plastic enter our ocean and puts our ocean mammals at high risk. Plastic is very dangerous and animals can die from suffocation, starvation or they can drown. If consumed, the tiny particles from plastic can cause fatal health issues. 


A deep blue, calm ocean meeting the light blue sky


As humans, there are many ways to reduce plastic waste in our day-to-day life. It is as simple as buying and carrying a reusable bottle, replacing and not using plastic cutlery from takeaway shops and stores, and shifting our focus to using paper and metal straws in restaurants, bars and at home. We may not even be aware of the waste first hand so don’t feel guilty for just “forgetting” about that plastic straw you used last week in your favourite restaurant. Just be aware of how your actions can impact our environment and how you can move forward in making a difference. At Kanula, we focus on producing no plastic waste materials which often end up polluting the oceans and harming sea life like turtles.

Make a conscious effort to decrease your carbon footprint

We need to be proactive and join together for the preservation of Earth. Carbon dioxide, a widely known greenhouse gas, is dangerous to our planet.  As the amount of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere rises, the ocean absorbs a large proportion of it. In the ocean, the carbon dioxide then reacts with seawater and causes the acidity to increase, which has an impact on all living things in our ocean.

Coral bleaching 

The effects of this acidity contribute to the loss of corals and reefs as they are weakened and cannot produce the skeletons used to protect them, and corals are home to many ocean animals.

Fish migration

Species are now migrating over toward the poles in response to global warming, however this is now disrupting fisheries around the world and has a domino effect, which will potentially hit North American fisheries that depend on Pacific rockfish, Atlantic cod and black sea bass.

Buy from sustainable clothing brands

Kanula and our middle name ‘Sustainable’

At Kanula, our focus on sustainability involves producing higher quality garments which last longer, encourage fair treatment towards workers, and protect the planet and our animals.

Kanula Ladies Organic Cotton Sweatshirt

This is a ladies fit sweatshirt, with an ultra-soft feel finish. It features a crew neck, with a small print of a marine animal on the chest, with the brand name ‘Kanula’ printed in a small font below. Kanula is a slow fashion brand which ensures that clothing is only produced on a request basis, meaning there is zero waste. This sweater is best worn oversized to allow for layers to be worn underneath, making it a great item for outdoor wear.

3 Items of clothing on hangers. A pair of checked grey trousers, a coral coloured blouse with white spots and a yellow top with white flowers


Y.O.U Underwear Women’s Organic Cotton Bralettes

Y.O.U’s super-soft organic cotton bralettes are a consistent bestseller. If you’re after a comfortable organic cotton bra, look no further. For many women, the switch to a bralette after a conventional bra is a life changer, and they never look back! All of Y.O.U’s cotton underwear is made with 100% GOTS Certified Organic Cotton. And if that’s not enough, it’s also Fairtrade, PETA-Approved Vegan and made by one of India’s top ethical manufacturers. 

For unparalleled comfort, check out Y.O.U’s wireless, stylish range of bralettes available in 5 different colours. For every item you purchase, Y.O.U donate two pairs of underwear to Smalls for All. 

Help us protect our planet. It's time we come together, join us in changing for the better

We recognise that we need to come together to inform, educate and make a change! Both brands, Kanula & Y.O.U are working hard every day to make an impact and contribute to educating our communities and ultimately change the way we think about our planet. Help us to help the planet by making a conscious effort to shop and live sustainably.

Will you join us and stand to protect our planet?


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