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Article: Ethical Bralettes Designed by Girls, For Girls!

Ethical Bralettes Designed by Girls, For Girls!
Ethical Fashion

Ethical Bralettes Designed by Girls, For Girls!

We’re so excited for the upcoming launch of our new range of organic cotton bralettes for younger girls and teenagers in December 2020. We’re hoping to be able to expand the options currently available to girls who are after a bra that’s both comfortable and stylish, pretty and discreet!
The idea for this range was born when sisters Phoebe and Flora (age 11) got in touch after struggling to find bras that were ‘just right’ on the high street. They found that there was a very limited choice for girls who wanted more than a crop top, but weren’t quite ready to embrace padded, structured options.

Girls' original designs  Our patterns

Phoebe and Flora's designs and our original fabric swatches
In advance of our new range going live on our website in the next couple of weeks, we thought we’d check in with Phoebe and Flora to get a bit more of an idea about some of their concerns, and to hear what they had to say about our upcoming range.

What are you looking for in a bra or a bralette?

“A comfy bra that isn’t too tight, has lace on it or is itchy with seams and massive labels”.

What are your main frustrations with what’s currently on offer for girls?

“When bras have a bit of metal on the back clips that digs in, or when they’re too tight and don’t have enough stretch”.

Where did you get your inspiration for the design and details for the new girls' bralettes?

“We looked at our favourite patterns and shapes and thought how nice they would be on a bra”.

How did you come up with your initial designs?

“We wanted something fun for the patterned styles and something that could be worn under our school uniform. Just because you’re at school your underwear shouldn’t be boring!”

What did you enjoy most about the design process?

“Seeing our ideas come to life, it’s so exciting, we get to design something that will actually be made”

Do our girls' bralettes match your expectations for what they would be like?

“Oh, yes definitely, we love them”.

What do you think about the styles we’ve developed? 

“They look and feel comfy, the patterns look good and for all ages, we love the cloud pattern, star and flowered ones and we love the blue and nude colour ones, it’s great having a choice of the patterns and plain”.

A bit more about our girls’ bralettes

Y.O.U girls' bralettes - patterns

Our girls’ bralettes are modelled very closely on our bestselling adult women’s bralettes, so this is a first bra that might just become a lifelong favourite. And for every bralette sold, we’ll be donating TWO pairs of underwear to the charity Smalls for All, which supports vulnerable women and children who don’t have access to underwear. You can make a difference to another girl’s life with nothing but Your Own Underwear!

We’ll be announcing a final launch date over the next few days, so stay tuned on our website and across Facebook, Instagram and Twitter to be the first to hear about when these bralettes will be available on our website.

And a massive THANK YOU to all the girls who’ve helped us get this far – Phoebe and Flora, Hollie and Amelia, Liv, Beth, Anika and Lana. Your ideas and willingness to test our early samples have been invaluable in the development of our new range! 👙

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