Comfortable underwear: an essential part of your loungewear collection

Comfortable underwear: an essential part of your loungewear collection

Beards, buzzcuts and…boobs! Self-isolation is also the perfect time to experiment with comfortable underwear (if you’re not too busy growing a beard or shaving your head). 

If you’re enjoying not having to wear a bra to work from home a little too much, it’s probably a sign that your bras don’t fit you properly. Did you know that more than 80% of women are wearing the wrong bra size? This could be the perfect opportunity to try a bralette. And we know handfuls of people who haven’t gone back!

💚Our bralettes are stretchy so it’s much easier to get a great fit. And they come in three simple sizes, so it’s easier for you to find the right one.

💚They also have adjustable two-way straps. Crossing the straps at the back is a great way to get some extra support.

💚They’re made from super-soft organic cotton, the perfect gentle material to have right next to your skin. You might even forget you’re wearing a bra!

Bralette quoteYoga in Y.O.U underwear

Sales of loungewear have dramatically increased in the last few weeks. We’ve seen this ourselves at Y.O.U Underwear – our super-soft and comfortable bralettes have now become our best-selling product. 

While the world is adapting to remote working, ‘smart casual’ has come to mean smart on top, casual on the bottom! While you’re conducting those important work calls in your shirt and joggers, make sure you’re also wearing the comfiest pants out there 👙

And while so much might seem out of our control at the moment with the global pandemic, we can still change little things in our lives to ensure we’re doing all we can for a healthy body and mindset.

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