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How to practice Self-Love

Here at Y.O.U underwear, we believe Self-Love is truly the best relationship goal to have. If you can prioritise spending some quality time on yourself, you will build inner strength, self-compassion and your mental and physical health will soar!

So as Valentine’s Day beckons, we’re celebrating putting our own needs and wants first for once - and this blog shares some simple ways you can practice the art of Self-Love….. 


More time for you - learn to say “No”

How much time do you spend doing things you don’t want to do? This isn’t about being mean or unkind to anyone else, it’s about instilling some healthy boundaries for yourself. Overcommitting can cause worry and stress and like we are spreading ourselves too thinly. The next time a friend, colleague, neighbour, family member, partner (see the list goes on!) asks you to do something, in that moment ask yourself – will this be the best use of my time? Is the experience aligned with my personal values and interests? Nothing worse than spending lots of time doing something and feeling empty at the end of it. If saying no fills you with dread, here’s some alternative sayings to try:

“I'm honoured you asked me, but I can't.”

“Thanks, but that's not going to work for me.”

“Unfortunately, I'll need to pass on this.”

“I'm sorry, I'm not able to fit this in.” 

Then just ensure after you say no to an activity, you do actually spend the time doing things you love! (be it reading, yoga, gardening, swimming or something else you enjoy) only then will you really feel the benefit of letting yourself say no.


See what you want in your life - Create a Vision Board

Self-Love is about self-awareness. Can you clearly imagine what you want to achieve in your career, education, travel or health in 2023 or the next few years? Time to get all crafty with some old magazines and glue! 

A vision board displaying photos and headlines from newspapers and magazines  

(Photo credit: Colleen Lanin)

A vision board is an inspiring collage of pictures and/or words that deeply resonate with you and represent your goals and dreams. Discovering which images and language you feel connected to can be very cathartic and help visualise how you want to shape your life in the future. So, find a spare evening for some self-reflection and take the time to build your board, then display it somewhere prominent where you’ll see it to remind yourself of the long-term goals you’re working towards, and this will influence every day decisions and you’ll become more focused in achieving all that you’ve mapped out. Read more about making a vision board


Self-Love: Your chance to win a £40 Y.O.U Gift Voucher!

And finally, what better way for us to encourage the art of Self-Love and celebrate our own well-being and happiness – than to give away a £40 gift voucher to one wonderful person to spend on any Y.O.U underwear of their choice!

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