Bright Blue Tubes of Save My Knickers, one of which is toppled over showing the powder inside the tubes

How to remove blood stains from your Y.O.U underwear with Lucy, Founder of Save My Knickers.

Bright Blue Tubes of Save My Knickers, one of which is toppled over showing the powder inside the tubes

Yes, you can wear your Y.O.U knickers every day of the month! 

As the proud owner of your amazingly comfortably and beautiful Y.O.U underwear you’re going to want to make sure you keep them looking as lovely as the day they arrive in their little cloth bag. 

Y.O.U Underwear Organic Cotton Almond Bikini Bottoms are surrounded by the Save My Knickers blue tube and our packaging

You’ll want to wear them every day with pride as there’s something magical bout the feeling that such wonderful, soft underwear can give you.  But blood stains happen, it’s a fact of life.  And until now, your Y.O.U undies would have been destined to be stained forever or even worse, doomed for the bin or the rag bag, before they had a chance to fulfil their full knicker destiny! Save My Knickers is here to come to your rescue when the inevitable happens.

Save My Knickers is a new stain removing powder that successfully removes blood stains from underwear (or clothing, bedding etc) so you can confidently wear your favourite Y.O.U undies every day of the month.   

Organic Cotton Y.O.U underwear are surrounded by the Save My Knickers blue tube, a blue mug filled with water and a spoon is on the underwear

Save My Knickers is really simple to use and adds no more than 60 seconds to your normal laundry routine.  All you’ll need is:
  • A tube of Save My Knickers
  • A teaspoon 
  • A cup of fresh cold water

Almond underwear with a blood stain

1. As soon as you can after spotting the stain, use a teaspoon to cover the entire stain with a layer of Save My Knickers.

Almond Bikini bottoms from Y.O.U Underwear have a white powder over the stain, and a spoon

2. Half a teaspoon at a time, add cold water until the powder becomes a grainy paste.

3. Gently rub the paste into the stain using the back of the teaspoon.  Don’t rinse off.   

Y.O.U Underwear's almond bikini bottoms are placed inside the blue mug of water and there's a tube of Save My Knickers and a spoon above the mug
4.   Roll your knickers up and put them in cold water to soak and leave overnight.  
5.   Add to your other laundry and wash as usual. 

A pair of almond y.o.u underwear bikini bottoms hang in the garden on a clothes horse to dry

Now marvel at how your knickers have been saved!
Save My Knickers has been tested on a wide variety of fabrics without impacting on colour and it can be used on all colour safe fabrics. 
We're so excited to be stocking Save My Knickers, for all of your stain removal needs! You can shop in Our Zero Waste Living market - just click here. 


You can find out more about Save My Knickers here:
Facebook: @save-my-knickers
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