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Article: How to Work out your Bralette Size

How to Work out your Bralette Size

How to Work out your Bralette Size

Girls' bralette - pink with white dots

Our new range of girls’ bralettes is now live on our website, and available to order! And you may have noticed, we’ve done sizing a little differently…

We’ve named our four size options after Ugandan villages, the country that inspired our original business concept: Jinja, Kira, Lira and Masaka. This is because we feel that there isn’t a set size for bodies at different ages, and we don’t want to put any additional pressure on young girls. We hope that this flexible size description will help to encourage body positivity in girls at the outset of their relationship with bras!

Bralette size names

But even though we’re avoiding sizing based on age, this doesn’t mean that there won’t be enough information to help you work out what size to buy. Read on for some top tips on how to find the best fit for you.

Band width is our most important measurement

If you’re just starting out with bras, you may be relieved to hear that – at Y.O.U – you don’t need to worry about your cup size. Our amazingly soft and stretchy organic cotton allows the cup section of our bralettes to expand to fit snugly around a range of breast sizes and shapes.
It’s the band width you need to focus on!
Our girls’ bralettes are available in four sizes; Jinja, Kira, Lira and Masaka – check out the table below to see how these each correspond to band width.
Girls' bralette measurement table
It’s the same with our adult bralettes too – these are available in three sizes (S, M, L), each of which corresponds to a band width. Check out our help page for more information on measuring yourself for our adult women’s bralettes.

How do I measure my band width?

Band width measurements guide

It’s really simple! Wrap a tape measure around your chest, just under your bust. The diagram above is a good indicator of where you should try to measure – don’t follow the curves of the bra band, simply measure straight all around your chest.
If your band rises up, it could indicate it is too big; yet, there still needs to be space underneath it to ensure it is not too small. This will ensure the bralette is comfortable.
At Y.O.U Underwear, our bralettes contain a small amount of elastane (5%), which allows them to stretch and be comfortable. This makes it easier for you to find the right size bralette that will shape to your fit. 
What about cup size?
Knowing your cup size can be useful, which is why – for our adult bralettes - we provide a bra sizing chart to determine approximately where traditional bra sizes fit into our Small, Medium and Large measurements. But even here, band width is more important – we’ve had models who are a 34 D fit into our small bralettes, so it really is a matter of personal preference and individual body shape!
Adult bralette measurements chart
It’s really important to know your cup size when purchasing more traditional bras (which don’t tend to be as stretchy or as soft as our bralettes). To find the correct cup size, it is often a good idea to get a professional fitting – to ensure the most accurate results!
Adjustable straps make all the difference
To make sure your bralette fits as well as it can, adjustable straps are a useful feature, allowing you to tighten and loosen the fit of the bralette. 
If the straps are too tight, this could lead to markings appearing on the shoulders, and may create pain.
At Y.O.U underwear, the bralettes we offer have adjustable two-way straps which can be worn straight or in cross-back style, providing extra support for those with bigger busts.

Bralette with crossed straps at the back

“Converting it into a cross-strap design makes it fit perfectly on me. Thank you so much!” – Estelle, Oxford 

Sometimes, you just need to try it!
At Y.O.U Underwear, we understand that measurements can only get you so far – sometimes, you only know if a bralette will fit you once you’ve tried it! This is why we offer fuss-free returns and/or exchanges over a 30-day period. It’s fine to change your mind! And if you need any additional help with sizing information, we’re always on hand to help! Just drop us a line and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.
Over time, things may change
It’s very unusual for a bra to fit perfectly forever! Even if it was a great fit at the start, it will start to lose its shape over time, and your shape may change too! Check out our blog post which discusses how often you should replace your bras – and what to look out for in an ill-fitting bra.

By Natasha Astley. 

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