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Article: Mates of the (B Corp) Month - celebrating the B Corp brands we love

Mates of the (B Corp) Month - celebrating the B Corp brands we love

Mates of the (B Corp) Month - celebrating the B Corp brands we love

We love showcasing other brands and businesses, particularly those who are making a difference with every sale. As part of this year's B Corp Month celebrations, we've gathered together some of our best B buddies to share the love - and help you with some recommendations if you're looking for an impactful purchase or two! 

We've also got samples from each of these lovely brands as part of our B Corp product showcase in our Oxford shop, so you can check them out for yourselves! 

Let's get started (in alphabetical order so no favourites!):

Bird & Blend Tea Co. 

Bird & Blend - Mike & Krisi in store with their dogs

Bird & Blend Tea Co. is an eco conscious, independent, people-focused, award winning Tea Mixology Company on a mission to spread happiness & reimagine tea! With 17 stores across the UK (and growing), a thriving online community and over 100 tea blends ranging from Great British Cuppa to Chocolate Digestives and Gingerbread Chai, we have a cuppa to suit every taste!

Go to their website for all things tea:

Hattiers Rum

3 bottles of Hattiers rum

With a fresh take on the traditional art of rum blending, Hattiers sources rums from over 25 distilleries around the world that are incredible in their own right and makes them even better by marrying them with other rare and fine rums that would never usually meet. They are true to rum while always staying true to their values; beyond the versatile, accessible and exquisite rum that they produce, Hattiers is driven by purpose and it dictates everything that they do. All decisions made are conscious ones and as the UK’s first B Corp certified rum they like to give back more than they take. 

Fine rum with a conscience? We’re in.

For more info (& to buy!), check out


Mister Free'd

Mister Free'd founders Tomas and David

Mister Free'd is all about guilt-free snacking without compromising on taste. They make gluten-free, crave-worthy tortilla chips using simple and clean ingredients. No added nasties, thank you very much.

Tomas and David started Mister Free’d to challenge the idea that healthier snacks are free from fun and flavour. As a coeliac, David knows how tough it can be to find foods that fit certain dietary requirements and Tomas is a foodie always on the lookout for the best flavours and textures in the food world. To them, it’s all about natural, carefully selected ingredients, the perfect crunch and convenient snacking without compromising on taste.

We believe that gluten-free, plant-based snacking should be more than just about choosing a healthier alternative to your favourite snack. Food free'dom is healthier snacking that is convenient and delicious – no compromises.

Visit their website for happy snacking! 


Talking Tables

Talking Tables get together

It was at her mother’s kitchen table that founder Clare discovered her love of tablescaping and the joy of bringing people together.

Such was the appeal, Clare made the decision to give up the security of her successful corporate career to launch Talking Tables, from her own kitchen table. Rather than turning to external investors for funding, Clare grew the business organically. To this day it’s very much still a family owned and led business. 

The desire to bring people together lies at the heart of everything Talking Tables do. They are also constantly thinking about they can lower their impact on the planet. Like introducing the world’s first recyclable paper cups - something they’re super proud of.

Visit their website to check out their jazzy tablecloths or laugh-until-your-cheeks-ache after dinner games. We've also got some Talking Tables products on display in our shop - so come and have a look for yourself


TBCo - The Tarten Blanket Co.

TBCo tartan blanket over a chair

Elevate your every day with TBCo, a B Corp-certified brand on a mission to create design-leading accessories that add the finishing touch to your outfit and home.

Founded in 2014 by Emma Macdonald, TBCo focuses on using natural and recycled fibres to create statement pieces that inspire style confidence and positively impact the planet. TBCo's commitment to sustainability is reflected in their Positive Impact Pledge, where 2% of every purchase supports the planet and those in need for a better tomorrow. Each TBCo recycled wool blanket saves an average of six garments from landfill. Collectively, TBCo has kept approximately 1 million garments from needlessly going into landfill.

TBCo is a women-led independent business and you can find out more here:


Toast Brewing

 Toast Brewing

Toast Brewing create award-winning craft beer brewed with surplus fresh bread that would otherwise be wasted. All profits go to charity to end food waste.

Food production is the biggest contributor to climate change, but one third of all food is wasted. Toast Brewing are here to change that - their planet-saving beer is brewed with surplus fresh bread, replacing around 1/4 of the malted barley in their grain bill.

Toast are a proud B Corp and believe that business has a pivotal part to play in tackling the climate crisis.

Find our more on their website - 


We'll be sharing more about the various B Corp brands we stock in our shop all this month - and you can win our bundle of B Corp goodies too. All the info is on our B Corp Month page here and you can sign up to our (free) Meet the Bs event too. 

And don't forget to let us know about any other B Corp brands you love and would like us to stock or showcase - the more the merrier! 


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