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Article: Mates of the (B Corp) Month - meet Vaela

Vaela team
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Mates of the (B Corp) Month - meet Vaela

As you know, we love to showcase and support some of our fellow ethical and sustainable businesses here at Y.O.U and this team is no exception!

This edition of our Mates of the (B Corp) Month features Vaela, the B Corp on a mission to get more women into cycling and to make the sport easier, better looking and even more sustainable! In this blog, we take a deeper dive into how Vaela was born, their mission and goals for the future...

How did Vaela begin 

Vaela was established in 2020 after the founding team had spent the previous years being serially disappointed by the cycle clothes available to women - and by the general difficulties faced by women who wish to ride more easily and more often.

Vaela’s principal concern is the design and manufacture of women’s clothing that looks beautiful off the bike and works wonderfully on the bike. Their clothing is the opposite of fast fashion, designed and made to be sustainable from the outset and prioritising the environment and social equity over absolute technical performance. The Vaela team pay acute attention to every element - from fabric selection and zip provenance to the design of the seams - and make clothing for women who want quality, comfortable clothes that you can move, cycle, work and live in. 

What is different about Vaela compared to other sportswear companies?

Vaela's products are made in line with their vision that riding a bike shouldn't leave you looking a mess or like you've stepped out of the gym - or mean that you need to drag a whole change of clothes around with you. They believe you should be able to cycle without looking like a cyclist (or a packhorse!).

Vaela's clothes are made from natural and durable materials like denim and wool, and they use expert design and pattern-cutting to build movement and performance into them rather than simply adding man-made fibres.

A lady sits on the floor wearing black Vaela jeans, a white t-shirt & trainers

We particularly love Vaela's cycling jeans, which were ranked 'No.1 Best Cycling Jeans for Women' by the Discerning Cyclist. They are made from soft denim jeans and are cut to look great both on and off the bike. They have no inner seams to sit on and cause discomfort when riding, hidden reflective elements, and rear phone pocket for easy access and security. They also have enough stretch to be comfortable (but not so much as to become jeggings!) and a higher waist cut at the back to avoid bum-cleavage.

Vaela also produce their own jackets, bags and cards, as well as a range of fire-hose belts in collaboration with fellow B Corp Elvis & Kresse and bike helmets in partnership with Dashel. 

We've been fortunate enough to get an exclusive discount code giving 15% off Vaela jeans, jackets and bags with the code: you15. 

Goals for the future

Vaela are a certified B Corp with the ambition to:

1) Use natural materials 

2) Be carbon neutral 

3) Provide decent employment 

4) Be transparent about their impact

In addition, Vaela aims to continue to support organisations promoting change and to donate 2% of their revenue to organisations chosen by their customers whose visions are in line with their own.

Alongside their beautiful and practical products, Vaela is also planning to host 'Vaela Rides' around London, cyclist events, day retreats and pop ups in 2024... key your eyes peeled for some very exciting developments in the world of sustainable cycling! 

Read more about their story and sustainability and shop Vaela's beautiful women's clothing on their website now. Don't forget the exclusive Y.O.U discount code! 

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