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Article: New target - 100,000 pairs of underwear donated!

Smalls for all
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New target - 100,000 pairs of underwear donated!

When I started Y.O.U Underwear, I set myself the ambitious goal of donating 23,000 pairs of underwear by 2023. Admittedly this was mostly because it was a nice round number and although I’d done some rough calculations based on the first year’s figures, it was definitely what could be described as a ‘stretch target’! 

Our target of 23,000 pairs of underwear donated by 2023

However, despite all the challenges involved in starting a small business (as well as the curve balls of Brexit and Covid), we are proud to say that we met the target in 2022, over a year ahead of schedule. We are so proud to have been able to have such a positive impact in our first few years as a business - and couldn’t have done it without your support!

Most of our underwear donations go to Smalls for All, the Scottish charity who we support with every purchase from our core collection. Smalls for All work with vulnerable people across the UK and internationally, providing at least 3 pairs of underwear as a bundle - one to wear, one to wash and one to dry. That means over 7,600 people have received clean underwear from our donations, a figure I am incredibly proud of. 

Maria, founder of Smalls for All

Having hit our 2023 target, it was time to look forwards again and see how we could increase our impact further. 

As of this year, we have set ourselves a new target of donating 100,000 pairs of underwear by 2027 - i.e. within the next 3 years. With the same 3-pair bundle model, that would mean over 33,000 women and girls reached, which would be amazing! It is definitely another stretch target, but one that I’m hopeful we can make as we continue to grow the business. 

Our new target of 100,000 pairs of underwear donated by 2027

As always we are hugely grateful for your support and want to thank every one of our customers who helped us reach this milestone, whether you’ve purchased from us, donated at checkout, followed us on social media or recommended us to a friend. Without you, we wouldn’t be able to change the world one pair of pants at a time, our mission since day one!

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