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Article: Embracing Ethical Marketing during Mental Health Awareness Week

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Embracing Ethical Marketing during Mental Health Awareness Week

Next week is Mental Health Awareness Week (13-19th May 2024), a special time for us at Y.O.U to reflect on what matters most – your wellbeing!  We’re not just about creating stylish and comfy underwear; we’re on a mission to spread body positivity and ethical marketing practices.

The Impact of Airbrushing

Did you know that a 2020 study conducted by the Women and Equalities Committee found that 61% of adults feel negatively about their bodies most of the time? This feeling is often heightened by those perfectly airbrushed images that flood our screens, setting standards that just aren’t real and impacting our mental health. At Y.O.U Underwear, we promise to never airbrush our images. Our commitment to authenticity means you see real people, unfiltered and true to themselves.

Celebrating Diversity and Inclusivity

We’re all about celebrating YOU in all your diversity! By representing models aged 18 to 80, sizes 8 to 18, and models with visible and hidden disabilities in our photoshoots, we actively promote body positivity and are committed to showing an inclusive and diverse range of people in our images.

Goodbye Insecurity Based Marketing

Everyone deserves stylish and comfy underwear, regardless of their gender, body type, skin tone, abilities, or age! We believe that every one of us is wonderful, so to remind you of this, we include a hidden positive message inside every pair of underwear, spreading smiles and self-love with every wear.

Thoughtful Sizing for Every Body

We understand that positive body image and self-confidence are vital for mental health. That’s why our Girls’ Bralettes feature a flexible size description, using names rather than ages, to promote self-love and confidence in girls at the outset of their relationship with bras. For women, our underwear ranges from sizes 6 to 22, and we have created a second bra style that is more supportive and available in a more inclusive size range. We’ve also increased the sizing range of our men’s trunks, which are now available in X-small – 3XL.

By embracing diversity, promoting body positivity, and prioritising ethical marketing practices, we strive to create a world where everyone feels valued, accepted, and empowered – one pair of undies at a time!

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