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Article: Our guide to a tasty Veganuary


Our guide to a tasty Veganuary

Are you vegan curious or have you already converted to a plant-based diet?

The start of the year (Veganuary instead of January) - is the perfect time to explore some alternative dietary choices that will help improve your overall health, prevent animal suffering and protect the environment - a fantastic way to start 2023. This blog shares some tempting new food and drink choices to inspire you during Veganuary and beyond!


Veganuary in Numbers

Veganuary is a fast-growing global campaign with an ambitious mission for the world’s food production to operate without the need for animal slaughter houses, deforestation or, river pollution in favour of protecting our planet and our health.

An infographic showing Veganuary in numbers


What can I eat?

You’ll consume only a plant-based diet such as vegetables, grains, nuts and fruits and avoid all animal foods such as meat (including fish, shellfish and insects), dairy, eggs and honey - as well as avoiding animal-derived materials, products tested on animals and places that use animals for entertainment. The great news is the Veganuary website is stuffed full of recipes to try from all around the world – and they helpfully categorise them by lifestyle or dietary requirements too, here’s some of our favourites to try:

There is even a free Vegan Cookbook to download – another good reason to start today!


What can I drink?

Plant-based milks are super popular these days, with so many of us making the switch from dairy to almond, coconut, hemp, rice and soya- you’ll find most of these in the mainstream supermarkets now, no longer just small ethical shops. Ethical Consumer has compared the environmental impact of various milks and while the carbon impact of dairy milk results in about 2.2 kg of CO2 per litre, the impact of plant milk is only about 0.6-0.9 kg per litre. The production of dairy milk also requires far more land, using about 2.2 m2 per litre produced, while plant milks use between 0.3 m2 and 0.5 m2. Check out the pricing guide below to help make the switch in your weekly shop:


An Infographic on the cost of Plant Milks


Good luck and have a great Veganuary!

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