What are the Health Benefits of Organic Cotton?

What are the Health Benefits of Organic Cotton?

Did you know that organic cotton is far better for people and the environment than its conventional, non-organic, counterpart?

In addition to using fewer resources and causing less pollution, garments made with organic cotton are also much healthier for you!

Here are some reasons why:

No Chemical Residue

The chemical residue from non-organic growing methods remains trapped in cotton fibres, right up to the end of the supply chain in finished garments. These carcinogens can lead to everything from irritated skin, dizziness, rashes and headaches for consumers. Organic cotton contains none of this contamination, so you can be confident that your clothes aren’t secretly harming you.

No Pesticide Contamination

Pesticide contamination is not just confined to the countries that grow cotton; it’s a worldwide problem. Pesticide chemicals have been found in many unexpected places, from food to breast milk, and the long-term implications of this is still not properly understood. Choosing organic cotton products is a great way for individuals and consumers to stand against agriculture’s environmentally degrading impact. 

Organic Cotton is More Durable

You may find that organic cotton clothing is better for your wallet; because the fibres haven’t been treated with the same harsh chemicals, they’re much more durable. This means that your organic cotton clothing will last longer!


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How is Organic Cotton Healthier?

It’s important to note the severe impact that non-organic cotton has on the people who work directly with the crop at the beginning of the supply chain. The chemicals in pesticides can be directly linked to cancer, neurological diseases, and infertility, amongst other conditions. Farmers and garment workers are greatly exposed to the fumes and toxic residue that accompany non-organic cotton - according to the UN up to 200,000 deaths each year are caused by pesticide poisoning in developing countries. By contrast, organic cotton poses no health risk to the people who harvest and process it, and in fact lead to greater economic security and improved soil health. 

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