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Article: 5 Reasons To Buy Organic Cotton Underwear

5 Reasons To Buy Organic Cotton Underwear
Ethical Fashion

5 Reasons To Buy Organic Cotton Underwear

Wondering why you should buy organic cotton underwear? We've come up with 5 reasons! 

Organic Cotton is Super Soft and Comfy

Organic cotton clothing

Underwear is worn right next to the most sensitive parts of our bodies, so it makes sense to use the gentlest of fabrics. Organic cotton produces a beautiful, super-soft material that feels amazing next to the skin and will remain this way after washing.  

Take it from one of our recent customers:

“My pants arrived this morning (I only ordered on Sunday!) and they are fab. Really, really comfy and so soft. Thanks- I will definitely be buying more and have recommended them to friends” – Dawn, Leicester

Why is organic cotton so much softer?

It all comes down to the harvesting process. Organic cotton tends to be grown on a much smaller scale than conventional cotton (by independent farmers), which means it’s usually handpicked. This is much gentler than mechanical harvesting – fibres don’t get weakened or broken. Overall, this results in longer, softer fibres that feel smoother on the skin.

Organic cotton is more durable – so your undies should last longer!

Models wearing Y.O.U underwear

Because of the gentler, slower harvesting processes (which preserves the long fibres), organic cotton is also more durable than conventional cotton.

The harsh chemicals used on non-organic cotton can also damage the fibres, resulting in a rougher, more brittle fibre that’s prone to breakage. Organic cotton has not been treated in the same way, so its unbroken, untreated fibres will likely last much longer as clothing. 

Organic cotton is Better For Your Health

Organic cotton uses no pesticides, herbicides and insecticides. These are harsh chemicals that are sprayed in huge volumes on conventional cotton (it’s one of the world’s most polluting crops), and they end up in finished products as well. They can cause anything from headaches to dizziness for the everyday consumer, but have much more serious consequences for people who come into close contact with the crop during the harvesting and manufacturing stages; according to the UN up to 200,000 deaths each year are caused by pesticide poisoning in developing countries

Because it’s not clogged up with the same harsh chemicals as non-organic cotton, organic cotton is much better for you, and for the people who work with it at every stage of the supply chain.

Organic Cotton is More Sustainable!

There are many environmental benefits to opting for organic cotton over non-organic cotton. Not only does it cause less pollution, it also uses less water and is responsible for fewer greenhouse gases too! Check out our blog post on the sustainability of organic cotton to learn more.  

Organic Cotton is Recyclable...

As part of our commitment to the 2020 Circular Fashion Pledge, we’ve promised to introduce a take-back scheme for our underwear by April 2021. Because of the high organic cotton percentage of our products, they can be recycled using cutting edge fibre-to-fibre technologies. Unlike mechanical recycling which re-purposes textiles into low-grade materials like insulation and industrial wipes, fibre-to-fibre processes allow for the creation of virgin fibres, which can then be made into new clothes. Watch this space, and in the meantime – hold onto all those old undies!

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