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Article: Why do the Lionesses wear different kit to the men? It's underwear related...


Why do the Lionesses wear different kit to the men? It's underwear related...

Following their triumph at the EUROS in 2022, our Lionesses are clawing at victory once again in the Women’s World Cup 2023. Despite an eventful game against Nigeria, the Lionesses have made it through to the final 8 and are due to play a big game against Australia on Wednesday this week. With or without the silverware (but keeping everything crossed!), this summer has undoubtedly been a victory for women’s football - and women's cricket and netball, which is all very exciting!

I don't want to add to the constant comparisons between women’s and men’s football, which is frustrating for both fans and players, but there is a noticeable difference between the kit of the two teams, and it's interesting to note why. 

The Lionesses' Blue Shorts

The eagle-eyed amongst you will have noticed that instead of the standard all-white strip, England Women have switched to wearing blue shorts. This was after players expressed concerns over wearing white shorts during their periods. For the same reason, Wimbledon also allowed players to wear non-white shorts under their kit for the first time this year. Although these changes have themselves sparked some debate, with some players saying it just flags when you have your period, I think it's at least starting the conversation and normalising the issue a bit, which hopefully is a good thing.

Kit changes aside, the issue of periods impacting women and girls’ involvement in sport is a real one. Indeed, Greater Manchester Moving reported that 64% of girls aged 16-17 will have quit sport by the age of finishing puberty, whilst 42% of 14- 16 year olds say that their period stops them from taking part in physical activity while at school.

The Lionesses' Ella Toone taking a selfie with young female footballers

The Best Underwear For Female Athletes

As well as changing the colour of the kit, we offer a further solution to helpfully lessen the problem of periods preventing women and girls playing sport - period pants! Our sustainable period pants from FLUX Undies feature a 'hidden built-in panel that is moisture wicking, super absorbent and leak-proof, completely replacing disposable pads and tampons, whilst keeping you protected from leaks and stains'. They provide the reassurance of being leak-proof, as well as being comfortable to wear.

This comfort, as well as the confidence, is really important. Any athlete will tell you that the right underwear is key in being able to perform the movements you need to in total freedom, as well as easing any period concerns. This is where Y.O.U underwear comes in, as all of our products are GOTS certified organic cotton. Cotton helps to keep you cool even whilst you're sweating as the fabric is naturally breathable, and organic cotton is even better for you as it isn't treated with the same harsh chemicals and pesticides as conventional cotton. This is even more important when it's so close to your skin. Our underwear also does not slack or sag, with the benefit that they do not "move about or dig in" and '"the waist band fits beautifully without any pinch or scratching" (Dawn, UK).

I personally play a lot of hockey and have played in discomfort because my underwear was not 'sitting right' - the Y.O.U thongs have truly changed the game for me! They stay in place, without rubbing or causing any discomfort - this is a genuine, unbiased review. I even know that one of our customers specifically bought our Y.O.U bikinis when she was running the London Marathon this year, as "they are the only ones that don't give me a wedgie". High praise indeed from Zoe! 

See our full range of thongs here

Our male customers also report that Y.O.U underwear is perfect for exercise and sport...

"I wear the boxers mostly during workouts, because they extremely breathable and don't bunch up during a gym session. Also they keep me 'contained', so I don't need to rearrange." (JD, Oxford). 

Some people prefer our hipster trunks as they're a shorter style, which can work under gym or running shorts. Others like the mid-length, which you can see in the photo of Ayrton above, and our longer-leg trunks are also really popular for wearing under cycling shorts. 

So whatever exercise you're doing, we have the undies for you! 


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