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Article: Why being kind makes you happy: Lessons From Denmark

A Danish flag blowing in the wind over a canal
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Why being kind makes you happy: Lessons From Denmark

World Kindness Day:

November 13th is World Kindness Day - a movement that aims to inspire individuals and communities to create a more compassionate and caring world by fostering a culture of kindness. Practicing kindness on this day, and every day, makes a positive impact on the lives of those around you, but it can also make you happier. 

Post-it note with '#BeKind' on it

(Image Source: Pexels)

Why Being Kind Makes You Happy: 

When international surveys ask citizens around the world how happy they are with their daily lives and personal circumstances, it is the Nordic countries that always take the podium. This has been the case since the origination of the World Happiness Report in 2012, and this year is no different. More specifically, it is Denmark that claims the gold medal, year after year.  So what makes the Danes so happy? According to the report, happiness is closely linked to social equality and community spirit - Denmark scores well on both. On the topic of community spirit, Helen Russel, author of 'The year of living Danishly', says that the Danes remember the simple pleasures in life and are 'Kind to themselves. And to each  other'.

Multiple cyclists going down a Danish street
(Image Source: Pexels)

Kindness and Y.O.U Underwear: 

Being Kind to ourselves, and to each other, is a sentiment that we hold very dear at Y.O.U Underwear - our motto to 'Look good, feel good, do good' encapsulates this ideal. Kindness is so important to our brand - we're the highest-scoring B Corp in the UK, showing that we value putting purpose, people and planet above profit. 

Georgie in our grey bralette and thong in nature

Ways we are 'Kind' to others (and the planet!):

- We are partnered with Scottish charity Smalls For All, donating two pairs of underwear for every pair sold from our core collection. Smalls for All collect and distribute underwear to vulnerable women and children across Africa and the UK.

- We work with TerraCycle to recycle old underwear, socks, tights and swimwear, accepting items from any brand, not just our own. These items are used for industry and so don't end up in landfill - our ultimate goal is to have a fibre-to-fibre recycling scheme! (If you're local to Oxford, you can drop your clean underwear, socks & tights at our shop in Oxford’s Covered Market, directly into the TerraCycle box, 7 days a week, or you can send them to us. Read more here).

- We work with India's leading ethical and sustainable manufacturers, Rajlakshmi Cotton Mills and Connoisseur Fashions, and we know that the growers, spinners and makers who produce our underwear are paid and treated fairly. This includes no child labour, working hour compliance, minimum wage compliance, overtime compensation and incentives, rights of Freedom of Association, and no discrimination for race, age, sex, political opinion or religion. 

- We partner with Just a Drop to donate £1 from every sale of a menstrual cup, in support of their Menstrual Hygiene Programme in the Wakiso District of Uganda.

- We only use 100% GOTS and Fairtrade certified organic cotton and low-impact, fibre-reactive organic dyes, which use less water, contain no toxic substances,  and are kinder to the environment.

- We actively promote body positivity and are committed to showing an inclusive and diverse range of people in our images, and promise never to airbrush our images.

Our factories in Chennai and Tiruppur  are run by Connoisseur Fashions, one of India’s leading sustainable suppliers

(Image: Our Underwear being made in our factory in Tirurpur, India)

If everyone made an effort to be a bit kinder, the planet and its people would be happier! Being kinder to others does not need to require effort - start with small, manageable steps, and gradually incorporate more acts of kindness into your daily life. Be mindful of your actions and how they affect others; one way to ensure you are doing this, is to shop ethically! (Top tip - being a B corp is usually a good indicator that a company is truly 'Kind'). 

Some of our favourite 'Kind' companies: 

- Leiho socks (meaning 'how are you' in Cantonese): a social impact brand that encourages acts of kindness, love and positivity towards yourself and others - they are eco-friendly and operate on a Buy One Give One model, to support homeless people in the UK. 

- Bare Kind socks (clue is in the name!): 10% of profits from every pair of Bare Kind socks sold goes to conservation charities!

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