Chennai and Tiruppur manufacturers in Tamil Nadu, Southern India

How is Y.O.U underwear made? Meet our Manufacturer

In May 2023, Sarah Jordan, CEO & Founder of Y.O.U underwear travelled to Chennai and Tiruppur in Tamil Nadu, Southern India where our manufacturers are based, to see first-hand how our organic cotton underwear is made. From the yarn delivery, knitting, dyeing, cutting, through to the stitching, finishing and packaging, her trip was a great opportunity to meet the workers behind that process, so read on to immerse yourself in her very busy and hot work trip!


A Warm Welcome

Following 13 hours of travelling, we arrived at 3am in Chennai – it was still over 26 degrees at this time of night and we were very pleased to meet Kennan, our guide for our next few days. I was visiting our new manufacturer in the city, the first visit since Covid, and it was really exciting to be back in India with my friend and travel-buddy on this trip, Annabel.

Sarah Jordan welcome from Connoisseur Fashions Sarah Jordan & Annabel Daly welcome by Connoisseur Fashions

Sarah Jordan with a flower garland, meeting the manufacturing team at Connoisseur Fashions  ah Jordan with a flower garland, meeting the manufacturing team at Connoisseur Fashions

ah and Annabel meeting the manufacturing team at Connoisseur Fashions 


Exploitation-Free Manufacturing

Our factories in Chennai and Tiruppur are run by Connoisseur Fashions, one of India’s leading sustainable suppliers who we chose to partner with because of their strong ethical credentials, their values, and their focus on empowering women in particular. Critical for us, is that they follow SA8000 certified social standards, this means no child labour, working hour compliance, minimum wage compliance, overtime compensation, and incentives, rights of Freedom of Association, and no discrimination for race, age, sex, political opinion or religion. This is important to help us be confident that Y.O.U underwear is being made exploitation free. 

Connoisseur Fashions  Connoisseur Fashionsah Jordan meeting the manufacturing team at Connoisseur Fashions

Meeting the manufacturing team at Connoisseur Fashions Sarah Jordan meeting the manufacturing team at Connoisseur Fashions

The SA8000 certification is just one of the many positive social and environmental certifications we follow that helps us prioritise people and planet above profit. Connoisseur Fashions is passionate about their responsibility to help make their local community a better place to live and work. This approach is expressed as the key mission of Connoisseur fashions. They aim to preserve and improve the life and cultural values both for employees and society. The production in Connoisseur Fashions is in line with respect to these values that we place on people and environment. Read more about their values here

Alongside the SA8000 certification, Y.O.U underwear also has other certifications including Fairtrade Cotton, GOTS Certified Organic Cotton, and PETA-Approved Vegan that help us to continue to make a positive social and environmental impact. We've put together this list of our certifications to help you learn more about our sustainable commitments.

FairTrade LogoGOTS logo



Visiting Two Factories 

Both our factories in Chennai and Tiruppur in Tamil Nadu, Southern India are busy hubs, responsible for the start to end process of making Y.O.U underwear.

India Map    Y.O.U's manufacturing process

From the initial yarn delivery, to knitting, quality checking, dyeing, patterns, cutting, stitching, finishing, packaging and the final dispatch of bralettes, trunks and pants to Y.O.U Oxford. We’ll be sharing behind the scenes of each of these intricate processes in upcoming blogs, so watch this space! 



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