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Article: Introducing Tabitha Eve...

Introducing Tabitha Eve...
Friends of Y.O.U

Introducing Tabitha Eve...

At Y.O.U Underwear, we want to make sustainability simple and accessible. Available in-store and online, our marketplace is home to eco-friendly products from brands who, like us, want to make a difference.

Our latest marketplace addition is Tabitha Eve, a small business designing out plastic waste. We’re excited to now stock 20 Tabitha Eve products that are perfect for any eco household. If you’re looking to take part in Plastic-free July this month, Tabitha Eve have got Y.O.U covered! 

About Tabitha Eve

A bathroom exfoliator without plastic

Tabitha Eve specialise in eco-friendly homeware, beauty and gifts and innovative plastic-free swaps. Founder Deb’s journey started in Borneo, where she was confronted by a plastic island once home to precious sea life. Vowing to turn the tide against wastefulness and plastic pollution, Deb started creating products to replace the disposable items in her home. What started as a personal mission soon turned into a brand created by popular demand, and so Tabitha Eve (named after Deb’s youngest) was born!

Hand sewn in a South Wales studio, most of Tabitha Eve’s products are entirely plastic-free. Tabitha Eve avoid plastic where possible, but recognise that it's also an incredibly useful invention that's sometimes very difficult to replace. There are just a few products such as their Snack Bag, where waterproofing or food-safety is required, so this is made with PUL. We share Tabitha Eve’s belief that, as long as the product is designed with reusability and longevity in mind, necessary plastic isn't evil.

Like Y.O.U, Tabitha Eve is a female-owned brand that consider sustainability and ethics at every stage, from minimising waste through the efficient cutting of fabrics to offering off-cuts to local schools and charities. Tabitha Eve also sell ‘imperfect’ products - that's those that have been sewn slightly incorrectly or that might be a little wonky - at a heavy discount to avoid any perfectly functional items ending up in landfill, some which we are stocking ourselves! Where there is unavoidable fabric waste, this is often used to produce other products. Tabitha’s Organic Cotton Make Up Rounds, for example, are made using the off-cuts from their Shower Mitts! 

The Tabitha Eve Kitchen Edit

Brightly coloured paradise biodegradable bowl covers

Trying to eliminate unnecessary plastic waste from the kitchen? We recommend…

Biodegradable Bowl Covers (£15) - Sold as a set of 3, Biodegradeable Bowl Covers are plastic-free, eco-friendly and reusable alternatives to single-use cling film, plastic wrap or foil.

Cotton Dishcloths (£9) - A perfect alternative to single use kitchen cloths and paper towels.

Reusable Snack Bag (£9)  - Available in multiple patterns, these washable, reusable Snack Bags are perfect for carrying snacks or for use as wet bags for reusable wipes. They're a colourful zero-waste alternative to single use plastic wrap.

Reusable Bottle Bag (£8)  - Got a spare bottle of wine laying around? These reusable bottle bags are a much more eco-friendly version than disposable gift bags or wrapping paper, which are often not recyclable. And you can wave goodbye to cellotape and hours of wrapping! 

The Tabitha Eve Bathroom Edit

Pride Facial Rounds for removing makeup

Looking for a plastic-free beauty routine? We recommend…

Eco-Beauty Essentials Box, £15 - Buy all of your makeup remover essentials in one with this starter kit. Inside, you’ll find Reusable Makeup Remover Rounds, a Natural Konjac Sponge, Reusable Bamboo Nail Polish Remover pads and Exfoliating Loofah Discs.

Pride Reusable Make Up Pads (£11)  - Speaking of makeup removal, we love these pride facial pads! Available in the pride flag or trans flag colours, 20p from every sale will be donated to a charity supporting the LGBTQ+ community by Tabitha Eve. 

Plastic Free Hair Ties (£9)  - Gone are the days of plastic hair bands that easily snap! These Plastic-Free Hair Ties are a handmade, eco-friendly, plastic-free and biodegradable alternative.

Biodegradable Bath Pouf (£7)  - Made from GOTS-certified organic cotton (snap!), this biodegradable Bath Pouf is a plastic-free and eco-friendly alternative to a plastic body exfoliant.


Written by Melissa Watt

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