Our Light Pink Organic Cotton Bralette is on top of our 'Y.O.U Make A Difference' organic cotton black bag, there are white budded flowers in the top right corner

A Guide to Checking Yourself - Breast Cancer Awareness

We're so excited to be launching our new pink Future Dreams Collection in collaboration with breast cancer charity Future Dreams!

This collaboration will help to fund research projects, support those touched by breast cancer and raise awareness to encourage self checking. Every 10 minutes, a woman is diagnosed with breast cancer in the UK and a survey by Breast Cancer Now revealed that 10% of women never check their breasts. 


Change and Check Breast Cancer Self-Checking Leaflet

5 Top Tips for Checking Yourself

  1. Check regularly: CoppaFeel recommends checking your breasts monthly. This allows you to keep on top of any changes as well as figuring out what's 'normal' for your chest. Why not set a reminder in your phone for the first Monday of the month?

  2. Know the signs: Checking monthly is great - but you have to know what you're looking for! Screenshot the leaflet above or keep the one we send out with orders as a reference. Breast Cancer doesn't always show up as a lump, so if you notice any changes, speak to a doctor. 

  3. Remember your collarbone and armpits: Breast tissue isn't only found in your breasts!  It goes all the way up to your collarbone as well as underneath your armpits. 

  4. Have a feel in the shower: It doesn't really matter where you check yourself, but the shower can be an easy option. Remember that changes in your breasts can occur naturally - hormones and menstrual cycles can play a big part! 

  5. If you're not sure, get checked out: If you notice a change or symptom, go and see your doctor - they're the only one who can refer you for further tests and checks. 

Read more tips and advice here, on CoppaFeel's Website. 

For more information on signs and symptoms of Breast Cancer, head to Breast Cancer Now. 

About Our New Future Dreams Collection

£1 of every purchase from the range will be donated to Future Dreams and an information leaflet about self-checking your breasts will be included with every order. Shop the Future Dreams, Organic Cotton Light Pink Collection here. 


Our Light Pink Organic Cotton Bralette is on top of our 'Y.O.U Make A Difference' organic cotton black bag, there are white budded flowers in the top right corner


Why Future Dreams?

Sarah, our CEO and Founder, says:

The moment I discovered Future Dreams and the amazing work they do to support people affected by breast cancer I wanted to help. My Mum had breast cancer a few years ago and it is prevalent in my family, so this collaboration is really personal for me. I love our new soft pink colour and I hope it’s really popular so we can make a meaningful difference to Future Dreams.”

We hope that this collaboration with Future Dreams will increase our impact and to get conversations started around breast cancer awareness, self-checking and supporting further research. 


Our CEO, Sarah, a light-skinned, blonde woman is wearing our organic cotton light pink bralette and bikini matching set, walking through the green grass in front of a lake


About Future Dreams

Future Dreams was founded by mother and daughter, Sylvie Henry and Danielle Leslie, who were both diagnosed with the disease. They never wanted anyone to feel like they were going through breast cancer alone. The charity funds vital research as well as working with the NHS to distribute care packages to those going through treatment and donating post-surgery bras to those who cannot afford them.

About Y.O.U Underwear

All Y.O.U underwear is Fairtrade, PETA-approved vegan and made from 100% GOTS Certified Organic Cotton, and produced by India's leading ethical and sustainable manufacturer, which operates under SA8000 social standards 

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