A Note From Our Founder

Y.O.U Underwear was founded on the basis that businesses can be a force for good. From reducing our environmental impact to increasing our social one, we understand the need to share and report our wins, misses and targets. As a small (but growing!) business, we want to be as transparent and honest with our customers as possible - and impact reports help us do that.

I hope they're as interesting and uplifting for you as they are for myself and the wider Y.O.U team. It makes it all worth it to see the women and girls that now have underwear thanks to your generous support - it really is appreciated.

We report on our impact quarterly, as well as doing a full annual report at the end of each year. You can access the latest of these from 2022 below, and we will be updating our reports regularly throughout the year

During 2022, we...

Social Impact

...donated 9,012 pairs of underwear to Smalls For All

...donated 2,478 pairs of underwear to Maasai Communities in Kenya

...donated £54.95 to Smalls for All from the sales of our facemasks

...donated £412 to Future Dreams from the sales of our light pink collection.

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Environmental Impact

...planted 429 trees in collaboration with Ecologi and Treedom.

...conserved 619,690 litres of water by using organic rather than conventional cotton.

...saved enough energy to power a standard 60W lightbulb for 569 days.

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Thanks to your support in 2022 we also...

...donated 420 nearly-new bras to Smalls For All.

...donated £539.29 to Smalls For All from your donations at check-out.

...donated £12 to Just a Drop from sales of menstrual cups.

...donated £75.50 to the My Vision Oxfordshire (formerly Oxfordshire Association for the Blind) in our Oxford shop.

...and more!

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The SDGs recognise that tackling climate change must be seen within a broader global context. They prioritise a range of areas crucial to human development and future survival. At Y.O.U Underwear, we're most aligned with 5 of the goals, which you can learn more about by clicking on the goal below...

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For us, transparency is crucial

That's why we publish frequent reports which show how we've performed against our social and environmental objectives, and how this relates to broader sustainability issues such as water and energy consumption.

Do get in touch if you have any questions about our Impact, or sign up to our Positive Pants email newsletter to get regular updates on this and other areas of our work - plus, we plant a tree for every sign up!