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Causes we support

By donating underwear and supporting menstrual health projects, Y.O.U Underwear’s mission is to increase access to education and employment for vulnerable women and girls.

As well as supporting women and girls through donations, we work with India's leading ethical and sustainable manufacturer to ensure that nobody is exploited in our supply chain.

Since our inception, our core collection has supported Scottish charity Smalls For All. They collect and distribute underwear to vulnerable women and children across Africa and the UK

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Buy One Give One

Smalls For All

Our buy-one give-one model means that every time you buy a pair of Y.O.U underwear from our core women's, men's and girls' collections, we donate one pair of underwear to Smalls for All!

Smalls for All have a wear-wash-dry model, meaning that every person receives at least 3 pairs of underwear.

In the UK, Smalls for All helps charities that focus on alleviating poverty, by providing them with underwear.

In Africa, Smalls for All helps individuals in orphanages, slums, camps, hospitals and schools, supporting people in over 18 countries.

Where possible, Smalls for All ensures that underwear is bought in local communities, rather than being shipped in – this reduces shipping and helps to support the local economy.

Every purchase makes a huge difference and since we started in 2018, we've donated over 50,000 pairs of underwear! That's over 16,000 girls and women still in school or work because they have underwear.

The pink collection

Future dreams

We donate £1 from every item sold in our light pink range to charity Future Dreams, who support those touched by breast cancer.

Future Dreams was founded by a mother and daughter who were both diagnosed with the disease. They never wanted anyone to feel like they were going through breast cancer alone.

Future Dreams fund vital research as well as working with the NHS to distribute care packages to those going through treatment and donating post-surgery bras to those who cannot afford them. They recently opened Future Dreams House, the only specialised breast cancer support centre in the UK.

The Mara Collection

Ajuma Foundation

Every purchase from our Mara Collection provides a pair of underwear to girls in the Maasai communities of Oloishobor and Olorgesailie, as well as financially supporting the work of the Ajuma Foundation in Kenya.

In 2023, we donated 2,087 pairs of underwear through the Mara Collection, bringing our total to date up to 6,180. With our wear-wash-dry cycle, this means that 2,044 women and girls have received underwear.

In 2023, we also donated £208.70 to the Ajuma Foundation, which helps keep children in schools in rural Kenya. In total, we have donated £618 through sales of our Mara Collection.

Sustainable menstrual products

Supporting just a drop

We've partnered with Just A Drop to donate £1 from every sale of sustainable menstrual products to support their Menstrual Health Programme in the Wakiso District of Uganda.

Currently in Uganda girls are missing between 8 and 24 days of school each year (around 14% of the school year) - with 2.5% of girls having to drop out of school completely.

Your purchase helps support children across 3 schools to produce, market and manage the production of reusable sustainable menstrual pads and soap. This helps girls manage their periods hygienically and with dignity whilst staying in school.

Our social impact

In 2023

Transparency is crucial - that's why we publish yearly impact reports detailing how we've performed against our social and environmental objectives. Here's some of the achievements we celebrated in 2023:

11,625 pairs of underwear

Donated to Smalls for All


Donated to Future Dreams

2,087 pairs of underwear

Donated to Maasai communities in Kenya

Our commitment to ethical marketing

When we read that 61% of adults feel negative or very negative about their body image most of the time (UK Parliament) - we knew something had to change. We're working to promote inclusivity, representation and ethical marketing.

Goodbye insecurities!

Every body is beautiful and everyone is worthy of stylish and comfy underwear.

To remind you how wonderful you are every day, we hide a positive message inside every pair of Y.O.U underwear.

No airbrushing

We’re committed to showing an inclusive and diverse range of people in our marketing, and we never airbrush.

We’ve had models from ages 18 to 80, and sizes 8 to 18 in our last photoshoot and we’re always working to show how our undies look on the amazing humans who model for us - who are often our friends and family.

Thoughtful Sizing

Our Girls’ Bralettes don’t follow a conventional sizing system. This is because we feel that there isn’t a set size for bodies at different ages, and we don’t want to put any additional pressure on young girls. We hope that this flexible size description will help to encourage self-love, confidence and positivity in girls at the outset of their relationship with bras.

The Ethical Move pledge

We believe that certain marketing tactics are manipulative, full-stop. That’s why we’ve signed The Ethical Move Pledge against unethical marketing and selling.

Incorporating transparency, trust, and honesty, we pledge to never greenwash, airbrush or manipulate customers in any way to make sales. 

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