A Tour of Our Underwear Headquarters!

A Tour of Our Underwear Headquarters!

Y.O.U Underwear storage

We thought we’d take you on a quick behind-the-scenes tour of our underwear HQ and explain what happens to our undies once they arrive from our manufacturer in India.
We’ve had lots of exciting arrivals over the past few months – from our brand new KikoRomeo and girls' bralette ranges back in December 2020, to some exciting new colours this year! Every time we receive a delivery it’s quite an operation because, as a small team, we do everything ourselves!

When our undies arrive… 

1. The boxes are delivered, taken in and stored inside

 Y.O.U Underwear boxes arrive from India

2. Each item of underwear is checked for size and quality

  Y.O.U Underwear size checking

Our underwear goes through three separate checking phases before it reaches you. This is to double-check the size accuracy and sewing quality before we send anything out to our customers - part of our commitment to excellent customer service!

3. Our products are then stored in the main storage unit (aka the roof!).

Underwear storage in the roof

A creative storage solution! All our underwear is stored in a converted roof, where it's (thankfully!) out of the way from the rest of the house, and easy to organise all in one place. 

We also have a working area with stock that is used to fulfil orders on a daily basis. 

 Working storage unit

All plastic and packaging is saved and re-used for storage, or recycled appropriately. 

For every order we receive…

1. Items are selected and folded

Folded underwear

We've really got the hang of underwear folding ... which we think makes it a much nicer package to open when it gets to you! 

2. Underwear is packaged in our organic cotton Y.O.U bag

 Y.O.U Underwear packaging

All our underwear comes packaged in an exclusive, re-usable organic cotton bag

Across the board, our packaging is either recyclable, re-usable and/or biodegradable!

Our CEO Sarah personally writes a handwritten note to all customers, thanking them for their order - and for the positive impact that it has had! For every pair of underwear we sell, we donate two pairs to Smalls for All, so each purchase really does make a difference!

3. Orders are packed, weighed, postage applied and then dropped off at the Post Office for a speedy delivery to you.  

We aim to dispatch all our orders within 24 hours and all UK orders are sent using a Royal Mail First Class service. 

 Pile of YOU outer mailing bags

"Comfy, soft and a good cause! I have bought around five packs of these over the past few months. The customer service is absolutely excellent - from the thank you cards in the package, to the swift delivery - and the packaging itself is great - they come in an organic cotton bag!" - Heather Lily 

For more information about orders and delivery, check out our help page

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