Markets and Other Maelstroms

Markets and Other Maelstroms

Here at Y.O.U we’re grappling with thousands of pairs of new pants. Much to our delight a new order (our biggest yet!) arrived from India. 

Excitement quickly turned to consternation as we were faced with the prospect of boxes of pants reaching to the ceiling. But on the plus side, who knew a living room could function quite so well as a warehouse? The past few weeks have been an adventure into chasms of cardboard. Records have been set; on one day we managed to quality check over 2,000 pairs of pants over 7 gruelling hours; there’s little need to say that we’ve aced the art of the production line.

We’ve also been busy attending Christmas markets, squeezing in a photoshoot or two and winning awards! 

We were in Brighton on Sunday 15th December where we were lucky enough to meet Alex Phillips, the Mayor of Brighton & Hove, who also bought some pants! 

We'll soon have full details on all our market exploits on our website. We'll also be attending more events next year, so watch this space! 

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