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Article: Dry January - our favourite planet-friendly no / low alcohol drinks

Dry January - our favourite planet-friendly no / low alcohol drinks
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Dry January - our favourite planet-friendly no / low alcohol drinks

Now that we are halfway through what may be a very dry (or perhaps just a little damp) January for some, we thought it would be a good time to share with you some of our favourite low and zero alcohol products and the brands that have some super tasty alternatives to your favourite pint or cocktail. 

Firstly, what is Dry January?

Interestingly, Dry January as we know it now actually originated in the UK in 2013 as a public health campaign run by the grassroots organisation Alcohol Change UK. Since then, the movement has grown massively with nearly 200,000 people signing up for the official Dry January campaign in 2024 and countless more participating more casually or in their own way.

Dry January is done by most as a challenge to reset your body and your mind from the harmful effects of alcohol. People often question whether this means hiding away form a month and avoiding the pub and other places where alcohol will inevitably be. Alcohol Change says no, the whole point of the month off is that you'll have a test at some point - an event or a meal out - and the trick is, can you turn down that drink? As scientists like Prof. Matt Field explain, willpower is a muscle and it needs exercising.

We agree with the science and rationale behind Dry January and we are also firm believers that you don't need alcohol to have fun and be social! Therefore, without further ado, here are some of our favourite alcohol-free tipples to enjoy this month (and all year round) ... all from ethical and sustainable B Corp brands!

1) Toast Brewing - Changing Tides 0.5% Lager 

As you know, we are BIG fans of Toast Brewing and everything they do and stand for, so no drinks-related Mates of the Month listing would be complete without them! Their Changing Tides 0.5% Lager is a great-tasting, low-alcohol lager with a refreshing mix of citrus and spice, crafted with surplus bread, malted barley and English hops - lovely! 

2) Feragaia - The Original Free Spirit

This 0.0% ABV spirit is crafted in Scotland using 14 land and sea botanicals  identified for their flavour profiles and wild earth properties including, lemon verbena and Sugar Kelp. Founders Jamie Wild and Bill Garnock wanted to challenge the apologetic nature of alcohol-free drinks with this spirit that isn't trying to mimic anything, but stands as a drink in its own right!

 Feragaia - 70cl

3) Drop Bear Beer - Alcohol free craft beers

Drop Bear Beers launched in 2019 and is Wales' first B Corp certified brewery, the world's first LGBTQIA+ alcohol free brewery and the world's first carbon neutral alcohol-free brewer. They are on a mission to bring the bold flavours, excitement and art of craft brewing to the world of non-alcoholic beer and build a better world in which to drink them.

 Drop Bear Founders with Cans Image

4) Tenzing energy drinks 

Tenzing are on a journey to change the energy drinks game for good. They created a new energy drink that is plant-based, low calorie, totally natural and mindful of the planet. Their drinks are made for a community of like-minded adventurers who whole-heartedly support their mission to invest in environmental projects that support our planet. 

Tenzing Natural Energy Drink, Gluten Free, Vegan, & Plant Based Drink,  Original Recipe, 8.4 Fl Oz (Pack Of 4) -

5) Thomson & Scott Ltd Noughty Alcohol free wine

Created by Amanda Thomson, Noughty is leading a global shift to alcohol-free drinking for those consumers looking for delicious low sugar organic options without compromising on flavour or style. Their range of alcohol-free wines are made from 100% organic grapes and are certified vegan and Halal.

  Noughty Sparkling Chardonnay

6) Dash Water

Dash Water gathers local wonky fruit and vegetables that don't meet the perfectionist supermarket regulations and British fizzy water to create soft drinks that taste delicious and aim to save 2,500 tonnes of food waste by 2025!

Dash Water

7) Equinox Kombucha

 Equinox Kombucha is the UK's first B Corp Organic Kombucha manufactured in the UK. They mix old school tradition with contemporary crafting to create delicious and gut-healthy living culture drinks that also centre positive social and environmental purpose at the heart of what they do.

Equinox Raspberry & Elderflower Organic Kombucha, 6 x 275ml


Clearly, Dry January doesn't have to mean you compromise on the taste or enjoyment of your chosen beverages! Instead, it can be an opportunity to try out some incredible options that not only taste great, but also do good for people, planet and in these cases, your health!

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