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Article: Introducing our Ethical Manufacturer

Introducing our Ethical Manufacturer

Introducing our Ethical Manufacturer

As well as being super-soft, comfortable and inherently positive, our undies are ethically produced by India’s leading sustainable manufacturer. The factory employs over 1000 workers over 3 factories and operates under SA8000 certified social standards.

What does the SA8000 Certification Mean?

In addition to the basics – such as no child labour and working hours/minimum wage compliance – this means that the factory provides things like overtime compensation, incentives and Freedom of Association for all its workers.

 SA8000 policies

 They've also got a number of extra initiatives of their own, such as:

  • Transport to and from the job site
  • Company sponsored meals
  • Health plan
  • Funding for workers’ children’s education.

They've said themselves that their goal is to "meet the expectations of companies in quest of authenticity, coherence and quality in their production sourcing while ensuring the continued progress in the conditions of our workers' lives". 

Sustainable practices 

Our manufacturer has a vertical chain of production from farmer to finished product, meaning they have close control of every stage of the supply chain. 

They only use GOTS Certified Organic and Fairtrade cotton, supporting small organic farmers. They also use dyes that are low-impact, fibre-reactive and GOTS certified. These dyes use less water, less heat and produce less waste runoff than regular chemical dyeing processes. They also contain no heavy metals or other known toxic substances and meet all EU criteria for eco-friendly garments. 

Joining in with the workers' commute

We visited the factory in May 2019 to witness the operations for ourselves and meet the team! And we even joined in with the workers’ daily commute! It was an amazing trip and great to learn a bit more about manufacturing - and in particular how our underwear is made. 

Sarah at the factory

If you want to find out more, check out our introductory video

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