5 women sit with their backs facing the camera all wearing different coloured Mara collection underwear

Expanding Our Mara Collection

5 women sit with their backs facing the camera all wearing different coloured Mara collection underwear

We've so excited to be expanding our KikoRomeo Collaboration, the Mara CollectionThe 3 new colour ways put a bright, summer twist on our ranges, available in your favourite Y.O.U underwear styles and a new long-legged style of trunk!

About KikoRomeo

Ann and Iona McCreath are the dynamic mother-daughter design duo behind KikoRomeo, with a vision to use fashion as an art medium and create designs that enable conversations and build wider understanding between nations and cultures.

Their bespoke designs for Y.O.U Underwear were inspired by Maasai beadwork:

"We work a lot with Maasai Women's groups - they bead our designs and we buy finished products from them. I have also taught many of them over the years in interpreting drawings in beading, on leather and on textile” - Ann McCreath.


A group of Maasai wearing red, blue and purple cloaks gather


How We're Giving Back

We’re hoping to expand our impact even further with our KikoRomeo Collaboration. For every purchase from our Mara Collection, we will provide a pair of underwear to girls in the Maasai communities of Oloishobor and Olorgesailie, as well as supporting the work of the Ajuma Foundation in Kenya. 

Our 3 New Colour Ways

We're adding yellow, green and blue to accompany our black and red designs! 

Whilst the colours have gotten brighter, nothing else has changed with our designs. You can still enjoy that perfect Y.O.U underwear fit, which comes with the added bonus of sustainable, gentle materials and ethical manufacturing. All our underwear uses 100% GOTS Certified Organic Cotton, is certified Fairtrade and PETA-Approved Vegan.


ouryellow mara bralette and boy shorts


These statement prints are sure to bring vibrancy, style and sustainability (as well as comfort!) to your underwear drawer. Each colour represents something in the Maasai culture, which you can find more about below...

Yellow: Hospitality - the animal skins on visitors beds are yellow

Blue: Energy and Sky - rain falls from the blue sky which provides water for the cattle.

Red: Bravery and Unity - red is the colour of cows blood, often a cow is slaughtered when the Maasai meet and therefore unity is associated with red.

Green: Health and Land - cattle graze on the green grass of the land.

Black: Represents the people and the struggles they must endure.

 You can shop our Mara Collection here.



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