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Article: How to Be Sustainable on a Budget

How to Be Sustainable on a Budget

How to Be Sustainable on a Budget

With the current cost of living crisis, many consumers are faced with tough decisions, and don't have the time or band-with to consider the sustainability of their purchases. However, the climate crisis is also at a key point, and we believe that sustainable solutions need to be accessible and affordable! Whilst sustainability is often coined as more expensive than other options, that's not always the case.

Use what you already have

The best way to be sustainable on a budget is by buying nothing new, using what you have and not over-consuming! Obviously, there are some things that we need regularly (like food), but unless you need something, don't buy it. Another alternative is to wait 30 days before buying something, so that you can think about it and make a more considered choice.

Grow your own food from scraps 

Did you know that you can regrow veggies like spring onions, lettuce and celery? All you have to do is pop them in a sunny spot with some water, and they'll do the rest! Then you can keep harvesting and regrowing for weeks.

Lettuce regrowing in glass jars

Mending and upcycling clothing

If something is damaged, or not quite right anymore, could it be fixed or improved? Upcycling and mending are great skills to have and can be fun DIY projects. You can turn old clothes or furniture into items that look - and feel - brand new.

Eat less meat

A way to help the planet, animals and your food shop budget is to have a few meals a week without meat! It's fun getting creative in the kitchen, and has a whole host of benefits. 

Colourful Vegetables

Buy seasonal produce

Choosing produce that is in season rather than fruit or veg that has had to be transported from across the world is a great way to reduce your food miles, carbon emissions and costs. Strawberries in Winter may be a nice treat, but they'll taste much sweeter in the Summer when they're grown on UK soil.

Shop Second Hand

If you do need to buy something specific, why not look for it second-hand first? Facebook Marketplace, EBay, Depop and Vinted are all great places to look for a range of items, from furniture to shoes to plants! 

Meal Prep

Organising your lunch and/or dinners ahead of the week can save time and money. By planning in advance and sticking to your shopping list, you can ensure that you don't go over budget or waste any food by buying beyond your means. 

Want to read more about sustainablility on a budget?

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