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Article: Why men love receiving gifts: Our sustainable gift guide for men!

Male models wearing our mid-length Mara print trunks (by Hinksey lake!)
Business For Good

Why men love receiving gifts: Our sustainable gift guide for men!

Following on from our Movember blog last week, we are continuing the important theme of raising awareness for men's mental health. Society has traditionally placed expectations on men to be stoic, self-reliant, and less expressive about their emotions, but this can lead to men feeling isolated, unsupported and unable to express their feelings. This in turn impacts their mental well-being, so actions like fostering supportive environments and challenging stereotypes can be helpful in tackling and changing that.

We've also come up with other ways to show love and appreciation to the men in your lives, through the act of thoughtful gift-giving.

Our (carefully curated) Sustainable Gift Guide for Men:

 1. Pants (Obviously!)

Super comfortable and classically-styled underwear for men that's ethically produced, made from super-soft organic cotton, and makes a difference to someone in need. 

All our underwear is made from 100% GOTS Certified Organic Cotton and is also Fairtrade and PETA-approved vegan. And with our buy-one-give-two model, you’re making a difference with every purchase!

Available in sizes XS-3XL across 6 classic colours and 5 vibrant prints, all available in our 3 styles of hipster, mid-length and longer leg trunks. 

Our Mid-Length Blue Mara Trunks

(Our Mid-length Blue Mara Trunks

Our Hipster Charcoal Grey Trunks

(Our Hipster Trunks in Charcoal Grey)

2. Socks


Leiho Happy Sunshine Socks

Leiho's organic cotton and bamboo socks are sold on a giving-back promise, just like our underwear! For every pair of socks you buy, they donate a pair to vulnerable communities who are living without essentials such as socks, water, sanitary care and more, including people experiencing homelessness.

Bare Kind

Bare Kind Orca Socks

Protect your feet, protect the planet and protect the animals with Bare Kind socks! 10% of profits from all Bare Kind's bamboo socks are donated to save the animal on them - for example, for the Orca socks above 10% of the profits are donated to the Whale and Dolphin Conservation Society.

3. Skincare

Men, like women, find value in taking time for self-care practices - indeed, there is an increasing awareness of the connection between self-care and overall health and wellness. 

Neve's Bees - a natural and sustainably sourced beeswax skincare company.

Neve's Bees Men's Gift Box

The Revered Beard - a men's grooming company offering sophisticated all-natural beard and facial care products to men who like to look and feel their best.

Organic Beard Wax

Hopefully these few suggestions will help your male friends and loved ones feel the love this Christmas!

On a serious point, however, it's important to note that while gift-giving can be a positive aspect of encouraging mental well-being, it's not a substitute for addressing underlying mental health issues. Encouraging open communication, reducing stigma, and providing access to mental health resources are critical components of supporting men's mental health.

If you are struggling, please do not be afraid to reach out to your friends and family for help. If someone you care about seems to be going through a tough time, they might not talk about it even if they want to. The first step in looking out for them is reaching out. If you need help navigating a conversation with someone who may be struggling, then Movember Tips offers some invaluable advice. 

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