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Cardboard posters at a climate change protest which say 'there is no planet b' 'system change not climate change'

Overpopulation - Does it Contribute to Climate Change?

  The term ‘Overpopulation’ refers to the number of the existing human population exceeding Earth’s capacity. The rise in the world’s population i...
5 women sit with their backs facing the camera all wearing different coloured Mara collection underwear

Expanding Our Mara Collection

We've so excited to be expanding our KikoRomeo Collaboration, the Mara Collection. The 3 new colour ways put a bright, summer twist on our ran...
A paid of circular green and cream earrings in light grey boxes. In between the boxes

Making Recycled Plastic Earrings From Our Packaging

We’re trying to avoid single-use plastics as much as possible! Plastic bottles, bags and disposable coffee cups are some of the largest plastic o...
How We're Working to Fight Period Poverty in Uganda

How We're Working to Fight Period Poverty in Uganda

The Problem: Period Poverty in Uganda Period poverty affects women, girls and people who menstruate all over the world. Access to menstrual produ...
Light blue sky with 3 green palm trees blowing in the wind

5 Tips for a Plastic Free and Eco-Friendly Summer

  Have you been struck with wanderlust lately? Us too!  Whether you are lucky enough to go on holiday, or are staying at home, it has nev...
The History of the Cotton Industry - from Conventional to Organic Cotton

The History of the Cotton Industry - from Conventional to Organic Cotton

The term ‘cotton’ refers to the white, fluffy natural fiber grown from a cotton plant. For thousands of years, this fiber has been spun into yarn w...
A woman lies on her side on a bed wearing Y.O.U Underwear organic cotton black branded boy shorts and bralette

Sustainable Fashion Glossary

    Living a sustainable lifestyle can be hard enough, but the array of buzzwords used in marketing can leave us vulnerable to greenwashing and be...
A dark haired woman sits at a wooden desk and uses her laptop. She's wearing a light blue shirt and Y.O.U Underwear black organic cotton underwear

Why is it Important for Businesses to Give Back and Have an Impact?

  It’s never been more important for businesses to think about the social and environmental impact they have through their activities. Donating to...
Our Light Pink Organic Cotton Bralette is on top of our 'Y.O.U Make A Difference' organic cotton black bag, there are white budded flowers in the top right corner

A Guide to Checking Yourself - Breast Cancer Awareness

We're so excited to be launching our new pink Future Dreams Collection in collaboration with breast cancer charity Future Dreams! To encourage everyone to check their breasts and chests regularly, we've pulled together 5 top tips and things to remember when checking.
Bright Blue Tubes of Save My Knickers, one of which is toppled over showing the powder inside the tubes

How to remove blood stains from your Y.O.U underwear with Lucy, Founder of Save My Knickers.

Yes, you can wear your Y.O.U knickers every day of the month!  As the proud owner of your amazingly comfortably and beautiful Y.O.U underwear you’...
A man wears Y.O.U Underwear light grey organic cotton trunks whilst sat down

An Eco-Friendly Father's Day Gift Guide

Father's Day is on the 20th of June, and we've put together some of our favourite ethical products which would make the perfect eco-friendly father...
A woman wearing a lilac bra and sage underwear lays on a bed holding a reusable menstrual cup

6 Ways To Have a More Sustainable and Plastic-Free Period

  Disposable menstrual products create lots of waste and can also be damaging to the environment. According to the Evening Standard, women in the U...