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Article: Four favourite affordable ethical clothing brands

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Four favourite affordable ethical clothing brands

Have you ever trawled the internet for an ethical alternative to a potential fast fashion purchase and been shocked at the price of a sustainable swap? Well, we have!  Costs add up when working with certified factories, sourcing fairtrade materials and paying living wages and these costs are usually pushed onto the customer. Here at Y.O.U Underwear, we believe that everyone should be able to afford ethical clothes and this blog lists some of our budget-friendly faves!


1) Hissy Fit

Hissy Fit manufacture its products in Birmingham using deadstock fabrics, significantly reducing cost and waste. Sustainability even features in the designs of the clothes themselves.  Many of the products are reversible and adaptable, meaning that you can have several looks in one! This helps to reduce overconsumption as you can style and wear one item in multiple ways.  

Hissy Fit Top

Hissy Fit Franken Top, £28



2) Alohas 

The footwear brand Alohas works on an on-demand system whereby you can get a discount for pre-ordering products. This allows the brand to work out how many units of each style to produce which reduces overproduction and waste. The brand is challenging the whole system of fast fashion by encouraging customers to make considered choices instead of impulse buying as the turnaround for these items can be up to 8 weeks. You are given 30% off for pre-ordering items, which is then reduced to 15% when the items are in production. You basically get rewarded for shopping sustainably!

Alohas Sandals

Alohas Brown Vegan Leather Sandals, from £76



3) Yes Friends

Yes Friends wants to tackle the myth that ethical fashion costs more. By manufacturing at a large scale and lowering profit margins, this brand is bringing truly affordable sustainable staples to your wardrobe. They produce t-shirts, hoodies, and denim for the prices you expect to pay at any fashion outlet. The brand is completely transparent in its pricing, letting you know how much it actually costs to make a product. Did you know that a pair of ethical jeans cost under £20 to make?

Yes Friends Top

Yes Friends Organic T-shirt, £9.99


4) Lucy and Yak

Lucy and Yak are known for their bold colours and fun designs made from organic, recycled, and deadstock materials and are best known for their wide array of dungarees and jumpsuits. The brand uses GOTS-certified materials to make timeless pieces that you can wear again and again. Just like us at Y.O.U Underwear, Lucy and Yak offer a scheme where you can send back your old items to be recycled! At the start of 2022, we implemented a circular fashion scheme that allows us to collect and recycle underwear, socks and tights. We accept any brands, not just our own, and recycle the textiles through TerraCycle. 

They're used for industry, and don't end up in landfill. Our end goal is to have a fibre to fibre recycling scheme. Find out more about how to recycle your underwear here. How great is that?

Lucy and Yak Jumpsuit

Lucy and Yak Organic Black Jumpsuit, £62



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